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As constant travellers we know this is true. The best moments are those when you get to share the experience with the people around you.

Outdoor activities in Romania invites you to discover the stunning landscapes, greagarious people, old traditions.

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Latest testimonials

  • In August this year I finally visited Romania. 9 beautiful days in a beautiful country. We started hiking at Parangul Mic and Parangul Mare. Beautiful destinations. There I met Dan. Very nice guy, communicative and likable. That day the weather was beautiful and the nature was opening more and more as we where going further. A beautiful path full of uphills from which we were able to see the surroundings carpathian peks. Second hiking was from Busteni to the summit Omu. Simply wonderful! The sight on glacial valley was enchanting. Again, Dan was with us. As we already know each other from the day before, we talked some more. He is a very nice guy who managed to combine business with pleasure. Hiking, spending time in nature, tour guiding, enjoying the views on fresh and healthy air, that's life! It was a long hike, so we got to know each other a little better. As we hiked, Dan was describing near mountain tops, naming them and explaining their name meanings. He had a personal story about almost every mountain top. Of course not all stays on hiking, we had a drink-two together, we deepened our friendship and exchanged contacts. Do you want to hike in Romania? Dan of your choice! Do you want to sit down and have a drink after a wonderful day? Dan is your choice.
    Denis Kurtagic - CROATIA
  • I spent 4 days in Romania on a tour organised by Outdoor Activities in Romania with my girlfriend and her parents. From the moment we first made contact with Dan, it was clear that we were not dealing with an ordinary travel agency. Dan asked us questions to ascertain our interests and fitness levels and then put together a custom itinerary to suit us all. All our requests for amendments were met with good humour and expert advice. On the ground, the experience was faultless and showed us the very best of Romania. Dan is an excellent and expert guide and his choices of what to do and where to stay cannot be faulted. His personality, charm and experience shone through at every stage. Apart from Dan as our tour guide we were very lucky to have Adrian as our driver. Apart from being an excellent, professional and patient driver, Adrian was witty, helpful and good humoured, further enhancing our trip. What really set this experience apart, however was Dan's cheerful willingness to adapt the programme as we went along to reflect the group's tastes and abilities. This could not have been further from the identikit tour itineraries I have experienced in the past. We could never have seen so much of what Romania has to offer in such a short space of time without Dan's expert input and flexibility. From talking to him it is clear that this is down to hours of preparation for each trip. The results of this dedication were clear to see. We were even lucky enough to see bears, which made the trip especially memorable! This is a truly boutique product at a very reasonable price point. I would not hesitate to recommend a trip to Romania to all my friends and I would suggest they go with Outdoor Activities in Romania, even though I do not normally opt for organised tours. Remarcabil, as they say in Romanian!
    Will - UK
  • I am lucky to have traveled a lot in my life, but Dan's tour of Romania absolutely knocked my socks off! My husband and I and two teenaged sons had a flawless 9 day tour, encompassing Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu and three beautiful villages in the Carpathian Mountains. We enjoyed some gorgeous hikes along river gorgeous, high alpine-like meadows and rocky knife-edge trails. Dan made it all very special. He is an expert at picking superb little hotels and restaurants, great walks and interesting experiences. As well as enjoying the staggering beauty of Romania, I feel as though I really understand Romania as a country, having glimpsed some of it's recent and distant history and culture. I must add that the Romania is also great value. I know all this sounds like hyperbole, but I mean every word. Go to Romania, and go with Dan Chitila. We fully expect to return and see more of this amazing country.
    Becca - UK

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