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Latest testimonials

  • The hike was one of the highlights of the trip to Romania. The mountain is fantastic and the rock formations are eerie, surreal, and truly remarkable. Dan was super accommodating. We changed the trip on him several times in the couple of days prior to the actual trek, but he was very patient. We added a few people to the trip, but Dan got us an extra guide and changed our transport at the last minute to accommodate more people. He even helped out by getting us last minute trekking supplies. The arrangements were perfect. The actual hike was done by Dan's friends Radu and Floriche (I hope I got the spellings right). They were super, too. Floriche was a laid-back cheerful kind of guy, who is a beekeeper, but also does hikes. Radu is amazingly well-informed about the natural environment of Romania and about the history and culture. He adjusted our trek based on our fitness levels (or lack of!). The trek is not easy, thought not difficult. We found our trekking poles to be invaluable. The experience of trekking in the Ciucas Mountain is something I will remember for a long, long time.
    Kavitha - INDIA
  • In August this year I finally visited Romania. 9 beautiful days in a beautiful country. We started hiking at Parangul Mic and Parangul Mare. Beautiful destinations. There I met Dan. Very nice guy, communicative and likable. That day the weather was beautiful and the nature was opening more and more as we where going further. A beautiful path full of uphills from which we were able to see the surroundings carpathian peks. Second hiking was from Busteni to the summit Omu. Simply wonderful! The sight on glacial valley was enchanting. Again, Dan was with us. As we already know each other from the day before, we talked some more. He is a very nice guy who managed to combine business with pleasure. Hiking, spending time in nature, tour guiding, enjoying the views on fresh and healthy air, that's life! It was a long hike, so we got to know each other a little better. As we hiked, Dan was describing near mountain tops, naming them and explaining their name meanings. He had a personal story about almost every mountain top. Of course not all stays on hiking, we had a drink-two together, we deepened our friendship and exchanged contacts. Do you want to hike in Romania? Dan of your choice! Do you want to sit down and have a drink after a wonderful day? Dan is your choice.
    Denis Kurtagic - CROATIA
  • I came to Romania to spend my birthday and contact Dan for a tour. Always with quick messages and very educated. I choose the Canyons, medieval cities and castles Tour. I think couldn't be any better. At the end of the tour he surprised me with another place called Pestera. We ate and had a remarkable time there. The Transylvania landscapes and villages are amazing. I even discovered I'm a count here hahaha. Anyway, Dan definitely is the best choice for a tour in Romania and for sure ill be back for another tour here. Thanks for everything!
    Ricardo - BRAZIL

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