About Us

Outdoor activities in Romania is a young and innovative travel company, specialised in offering unique and unforgettable experiences to our guests.

Through our customized programs we want to reveal a different side of Romania, a country with splendid mountains, crystal clear rivers, glacial lakes, meadows unique in Europe.

A country where the people are warmhearted and kind, and still practice old crafts. A country where the ancient stories are waiting to be told.

Travel . Tours . Adventure

We offer you

Passionate and witty guides

Top class certified guides, ready to offer you a memorable experience

A five star service

Fully catered service, according to your preferences

An epic adventure

More than a tour, an experience of the senses

Our Team

Owner and tour planner

Tourism Manager

Marketing Specialist

Co-founder and tour planner


Who are we?



My name is Dan, full-time tour and mountain guide and owner of Outdoor activities in Romania.

A long time ago I heard that if you really want something and you strongly believe in this, the whole Universe starts to conspire in your favor. My dream was to become a guide and have the privilege of showing other people the beautiful places that I’ve seen in Romania.
Now, I do what I like and I like what I do. For me, this is as good as it gets.
The plan for Outdoor activities in Romania started in 2012, as an idea ment to bring memorable travel experiences to the people who want to discover the authentic Romania. The idea turned into a spark, and the spark turned into a flame.
I started my story with an old backpack, too small for the dreams and plans I wanted to fulfil, and with a pair of mountain boots too tired for the trips I had in mind.
Over the next three years, my backpack changed a few times and my mountain boots took different sizes. Some things though, remained the same, and those are my passion for trekking, climbing, photography, visiting and discovering the traditional Romanian villages.
In 2015, I founded Outdoor activities in Romania travel agency. Before that, I guided groups around the country, advocating for the varied and stunning landscapes my country has to offer.
I have met and served tourists from the UK, USA, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Jordan, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.


My name is Ioana, full – time tour guide and the tour manager for the company.

I was always the traveler type, having my luggage under the bed, all the time prepared for leaving.
As an avid tourist around the globe but also in my beautiful country, I had many interesting experiences and now I am more than happy to share everything that I have learned with you, dear traveller.

You will meet me in the countryside tours, but also on the city tours, where I will show you the beauty, the contrasts and the magic, Romania has to offer.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


Passionate about online marketing, travelling, reading and….acting, Laura is our specialist when it comes to internet proficiency.

Laura owns a degree in economics but decided to switch sides and enjoy the more artistic part by first developing a network a photographers and thus creating an online platform for professionals (http://www.planetincolor.com/). The next logical step was getting involved into the online business more and more so she became passionate about… online marketing. So, she designed her own website (http://abcmkt.ro/) where she writes about online strategies and how social platforms can help startup business. She is now chief in charge of the marketing campaigns for Outdoor activities in Romania.

She has travelled a lot abroad and she has been to rural China, SE Asia (for that, together with her husband, she quit her job and travelled for 6 whole months), India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Italy…and the list could go on.


It is said that strong essences are kept in small bottles. If that’s true, our 1,55 m tall outdoor specialist Flavia is the best example! If there’s someone always up for a tour filled with fun, challenges, stunning landscapes, food tasting, gorges, caves, adventure and lots of surprising ideas…that’s her!

Co-founder of Outdoor activities in Romania and full time partner, she is the magic behind the tour. Funny, chatty, charismatic and intuitive, she has the ability to customize everything according to the guest’s wishes. And like most of the Pisces, she can read your mind, so don’t test her!

Born and raised in Arad, she loves hiking, biking, exploring new places, photography, and planning the entire tour from A to Z. She will take you to spectacular places in the west of the country, in Apuseni area, Cerna Valley, but also in Maramures and Bucovina.