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When you think about traveling in Romania, most probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the Bran Castle. And there is nothing wrong about that. But Romania has much more to offer for its guests and the most important attraction is definitely Nature. Wild, untamed and authentic. Here are the first 5 reasons to go hiking in Romania’s Carpathians and some recommendations for private guided hiking tours in Romania:

  1. The untamed nature

Most of the natural and national parks in Romania are still untamed and wild. The hiking paths are well marked but they blend in nicely into the nature so you will not see concrete stairs or paths. During a hiking tour in Romania’s mountains you will feel like actually exploring the wilderness with everything that comes along. The wild animals feel like home and you can see all kind of birds, deer, foxes, bears, wolves and lynxes – if you keep quiet: shhh!

  1. The authentic mountain villages

Inside the mountain areas of Romania, the time stood still. You can still see authentic villages with houses made of rock, dirt and wood, shepherds and traditional families who live in a strong connection with the nature. The Rural and traditional Romania tour includes a visit to a village like this, a home made meal in a traditional house and meeting the locals. Also, check out this tour: The unforgettable Maramures and Bucovina.

  1. The mountain huts

Most of the mountain huts built to offer shelter for the hikers have great views. Even if you don’t need to spend the night there, you should definitely stop at a mountain hut for a tea, hot chocolate or soup. This private hiking tour is for you: guided hiking tour in Buila Vanturarita National Park.

  1. The views

Romania has breathtaking views when it comes to hiking. High peaks, villages, rivers, you name it, Romania has it. In our opinion, the tour with the most amazing view is this: Feels like heaven.

  1. Us

Most of the time we are humble but today we want to brag about our returning guests who come to Romania every year because they loved the experiences we offered. So come to Romania and let us take on an adventure you will never forget, with amazing hiking trips, great food, tasty traditional food, comfortable accommodation and new local friends.

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