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Active family tour in Romania

Becca sent us an email sometime in early January, enquiring about a long tour in Romania. She wanted to come with her husband and two teenage kids, for an active tour, in July.

That email was the beginning of a long and interesting conversation. In 10 days we managed to put in the program a lot of nice things: a couple of medieval towns, a lot of hiking in a few remote areas, visits in isolated hamlets, a bit of swimming, gorges, biking, glacial lakes, and of course….food and beer tasting. Yes, BEER, because it was so hot and we felt like beer was the only COOL thing we could get our hands on.

Becca and her family had a fantastic time on tour, and enjoyed Romania imensely. As she put it: ,,Dan’s tour knocked my socks off!”.

Dear Becca and family, we look forward to meeting you again in Romania!

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