Active trip in a legendary destination: Bucegi Mountains in Romania!

If you are wondering where to spend your next days off, here’s our advice: come to Romania and have a trip in Bucegi Mountains! There is no way you will regret this and we’ll tell you why.
This massif, which lays on 300 square km and three counties, west from Prahova Valley, is a natural citadel, with a central plateau of 1600-2500 m altitude, supported by steep mighty walls. A Natural Park with 40 marked trails, over 20 mountain chalets, tens of caves, gorges, and other natural monuments, is waiting to be discovered.
According to a Romanian poet, “those who have the chance to see this world between the sky and the earth, in a cloudless frosty night, may very well say they know what the Genesis was like”.
On the other hand, the scientists say that the Bucegi Mountains are a very powerful energetic spot, even the most powerful in Romania. Many legends have been born, some of them based on true facts: from the energetic pyramids to secret tunnels and the so-called “Mouth of heaven” – the sacred mysterious place where the human body never gets tired – these mountains have always attracted adventurers.

The mouth of heaven (Gura de rai) in Bucegi is a sacred place on a slope near the beautiful Ialomicioara cave, where people and scientists discovered a magnetic abnormality with amazing effects on the human body: all the fatigue simply disappears and the vital functions are instantly reinvigorated.
Another legend is related to the secret network of tunnels, which is said to communicate with the Egyptian pyramids, or even to be built by an alien civilization who is carefully watching what is going on here on earth.
The area of immortality is a spring on Ialomita Valley which is proved to have the most pure water in the world, coming from a huge underground lake. Scientists suspect that the water goes either through a magnetic field that purifies it, or near a silver deposit, which prevents the development of bacteria.

The Sphinx is one of the most popular things about Romania in the world, but the mystery that this enormous human head is hiding was never discovered. No one knows for sure if it was built by nature or by human, but some legends say that it was used by ancient Dacians as an altar, in order to talk to gods and worship them. Others say that it is an intersection of several energy streams and that once a year, on November 28th, the sunlight is forming an energetic pyramid over the stone head.
“Omu” peak is the highest peak in Bucegi (2505m) and the highest place permanently inhabited in Romania, due to a meteorological station and a mountain hut. This place is also surrounded by legend, as some people say that from the peak you can see the Black Sea and the Danube, which is actually not true. Nevertheless, the chalet is a consolation for mountain lovers and a reference point of the massif, so you should not miss the chance to go there and even stay for one night, maybe you will be lucky and see a beautiful sunrise the next day.

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