Adventure in Romania: hiking in Fagaras Mountains

If you like hiking, Fagaras Mountains must be on your list. Fagaras are also called the Transylvanian Alps.

From east to west Fagaras displays a long ridge of approximately 75 kilometres. The best time to hike here is from late May until late October.

If you want to hike in Fagaras you can do it from hut to hut. Another option is to stay in one place and do day hikes.

These mountains are accessible from different parts of the country: Brasov, Sibiu, Bucharest.

Hiking in Fagaras starting from Brasov

If you start from Brasov you have roughly a 2 hour drive to Sambata town. From there, you have a quick access to Moldoveanu Peak (the highest peak in Romania – 2544 m). There are plenty of options for accommodation in Sambata area. The guesthouses offer traditional fresh food as well.

Hiking trail to Sambata de Sus – Check it out on Instagram

If you are in Sambata you must also visit Brancoveanu Monastery, a beautiful piece of old architecture.

Sambata de Sus Monastery – Check it out on Instagram

If you drive a bit further past Sambata you get to other small villages from where you can hike in Fagaras Mountains. Those villages give you a quick access to some of the mountain huts.

Hiking in Fagaras starting from Sibiu

Check out our tour starting from Sibiu. This can be custom made for you, upon request. If you want to hike in Fagaras, you will drive on the famous Transfagarasan road.

Transfagarasan, Romania – Check it out on Instagram

Once Transfagarasan ends you get to Balea Lake, at 2000 m altitude. You will be surrounded by a fortress of mountains :). Check out our complete Fagaras tour here.

Hiking in Fagaras starting from Bucharest

If you get to Bucharest you are roughly a 5 hour drive from Fagaras. After some relaxing time in the capital city of Romania it is time to see some mountains.

Your first highlight on the way to Fagaras is Curtea de Arges Monastery. A place of pilgrimage and surrounded by mystery, it is a place worth visiting.

After a spectacular drive on Transfagarasan, you get to Balea Lake, at 2000 m altitude. From here, you can choose your hike because there are plenty of options.

Over the years most of our Fagaras tours started from Balea. From Balea to Moldoveanu peak you have a roughly 8 hour hike, very strenuous. But you can divide it in two.

On the first day you hike from Balea to Podragu hut; that is roughly a 6 hour journey, with a lot of uphill and downhill, knife like ridges and splendid valleys.

Podragu Hut – Fagaras Mountains, Romania – Check it out on Instagram

You can eat and sleep at Podragu. They offer rooms with bunk beds, soup, main course, beer and wine.

On the next day you can hike on Moldoveanu. It is a 3 hour hike roughly, to get on the peak. From Moldoveanu you have a splendid 360 view.

From Moldoveanu peak you can hike back to Podragu and spend one more night there. You can also go back to Balea on the same trail you came on. Or, if you carry a tent, you can continue on the ridge until you reach Sibiu county or Brasov county. Either way, expect another 3 days of intense hiking.

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