An active tour in Romania: outdoor activities in Cerna Valley

Cerna Valley is a very beautiful area and one of Romania’s hidden gems. Located in the south west of the country, it is a place you must visit if you love nature.

And there is plenty to do there for everybody: waterfalls, beautiful villages, mountains, rafting. You can also visit Timisoara, which is a 2 h drive from Cerna Valley. Check out our guided tour here.

You can also drive to the Danube area close to the serbian border. You can hike up the highest peak in the area and get an amazing view of both shores.

What makes Cerna Valley so special?

First of all, not many people go there; this means less or no crowds, cleaner environment, less noise. Number two, the area is part of Cerna and Domogled National Park thus it benefits from special treatment.

While exploring Cerna Valley we found many amazing and less travelled places. From isolated hamlets to impressive mountain peaks, everything is phenomenal.

When you visit Cerna Valley remember that the area is also famous for the amazing flora. If you visit in May or June there will be an abundance of flowers everywhere.


There are not many places for accommodation there. There is one guesthouse strategically located where most of the hikes start. Otherwise, you can stay in Herculane area, once known as the Pearl of the Austrian – Hungarian empire.

Herculane town overlooks the mountains and the famous tree called The black pine from Banat. As you can see, as a hiker you cannot escape it.

To make things more interesting here’s a short movie about the tour offered by Outdoor Activities in Romania in Cerna Valley.

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