Crafts and people in Maramures

Maramures, a beautiful region of Romania, in the north of the country. Maramures is home to many old traditions and craftsmen. The craftsmen in Maramures are very well known not only there but in Bucharest, their work being displayed in the Village Museum for example. But what kind of craftsmen can you see in Maramures? […]

Parang Mountains

Hiking in autumn in Romania

Hiking in autumn in Romania is definitely a great experience. Starting with late September the leaves start to turn and the nature puts on a great show! There are many good destinations for hiking in Romania, but one of the best is Oltenia from under the mountain, with highlights that include Parang Mountains, Buila Vanturarita […]


Travelling in Maramures and Transylvania

Travelling in Maramures and Transylvania are two different experiences. Maramures is like a vivid museum, where one can observe people doing their daily chores, or building haystacks, or brewing the strong plum brandy (palinka). One can also visit craftsmen who make traditional Maramures hats (clop), or impressive wooden gates. Maramures is also a great place […]

Florica lake

Beautiful lakes in Romania

You did not know that Romania has a lot of glacial lakes? Most of them can be found in high mountains, at altitudes over 2000 m. The best places where you can see them are: Parang Mountains, Fagaras Mountains, and of course….Retezat Mountains! There are over 80 lakes in Retezat, big ones and smaller ones. […]