Beautiful lakes in Romania

Beautiful lakes in Romania - private guided tours in Romania - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Did you know that Romania has a lot of beautiful lakes of glacial origin? That is to say, most of them are in high mountains, at altitudes over 2000 m. For example the best places where you can see them are: Parang Mountains, Fagaras Mountains, and of course… Retezat Mountains! Certainly there are over 80 lakes in Retezat, big ones and smaller ones. So, we offer private tours in Romania and private hiking tours to these beautiful lakes in Romania.

Lakes in Romania

For instance, one of the most impressive in Retezat is Bucura Lake. To clarify, It is 15 m deep, located in a large valley, surrounded by high peaks and silence. More than that, It is also the largest glacial lake in Romania.

To sum up, a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not take a look at some impressive lakes from Retezat?

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I took Dan’s two day hiking trip in June, and it was one of the best experience I had. Although my guide seemed a bit rigid, he is very experienced, knowledgeable and spoke really good English, and definitely beat my arsse by those 7 hours/day hike in the mountains. But it’s so worth it, I felt a new person after those long hikes, felt I can conquer and overcome anything if I put my minds to it. I would definitely recommend them to anyone coming to Romania. by Rachel from Los Angeles

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