Benefits of hiking in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Hiking is an activity that is more and more popular. It is an activity you can do anywhere in this world. All you need is a bit of training, some equipment, and a great hiking destination!

Romania, the great hiking destination!

Why makes Romania such a great hiking place? Well, it is a country that has mountains, hills, rivers you can hike along, beautiful valleys, gorges. You can do hiking anywhere!

For a hiking tour in Romania you need a light backpack, some hiking shoes, hiking sticks, some info about the area you want to visit, a map or a qualified guide.

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What are the benefits?

There are many benefits when you hike in Romania. The most obvious one is that you do a lot of exercise. That releases endorphins, which make you feel better overall.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Another benefit is the fact that you see beautiful landscapes that fill your heart with joy. When you hike along the trails, you also meet the locals. They are usually more than happy to talk to you and even invite you at home for a delicious meal.

If you book a guided tour in Romania you have the chance to meet other hikers. This is the benefit of travelling in a small group where you can socialise. Check out Read more about A rural-break in Romania.

Who can do hiking in Romania?

Anybody, younger or older people, families with small children. Anyone who enjoys spending time in the nature.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Our tours have different levels of difficulty and they can be adapted for anybody. Check out our family tours here.

If you come to Romania, we can organise a private tour or a shared hiking tour, in any part of the country.

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