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Best scenery for photographers in Romania

Are you looking for the best scenery for photography? You came to the right place because this article is for you!

Romania is an excellent destination for a photography enthusiast. It has so much to offer. There is a variety of landscapes you can enjoy: beautiful high and lower mountains, long ridges that split the sky in two, deep beautiful glacial lakes, forests, villages lost in time, rivers and the Black Sea, medieval cities, and much more!

Although usually overlooked, Romania is slowly becoming an attraction for photographers from all over the world.

The best areas to go for a photography tour

You can go anywhere, as long as you have a plan and a very good camera. You can get from place to place by car, bus, train, horse and buggy, plane. The nature looks slightly different in different parts of Romania, certain times of the year.

We can offer you a tailor made tour, upon request, in any season. All you have to do is tell us what you are interested in: landscape photography, people, cities, high mountains, lakes, outdoor activities, flowers, waterfalls, villages, churches, sunsets and sunrises etc.

Tell us more about what you want to experience, here.

What is the best time of the year to do a photography tour?

Up to you, really. We had guests interested in capturing winter landscapes and dramatic scenery. High mountains, pure white snow, we made it happen. The best time to do such a tour is late January or February.

If you are interested in the changing colours we strongly suggest coming to Romania in October. The best time to see the colours is October 15 th – October 30 th.

Black and white photography?

We love black and white photography! What is not to like, anyway? Although colours are more appealing to the eye, black and white photography is very popular to a classic photographer.

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