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Bixad village and Tusnad resort or the Hungarian experience

Somewhere in Romania, not far from Brasov, maybe one hour drive roughly, there is a beautiful area called Tinutul Secuiesc (,,secui” being the name of the hungarians who live in that particular region).

Tinutul Secuiesc is one of those special places, with multiple opportunities for doing different activities. The fresh clean air, the forests (and yes, there is a loooot of forest there), the¬†sulphurous waters, the luxury SPA’s (like the one in Balvanyos resort), the famous St. Ana Lake (the only volcanic lake in Romania, by the way), the absolutely delicious traditional food (just try the gulas soup), make Tinutul Secuiesc special and unique.

Some of the most known areas from where one can do hiking, biking, or go the SPA’s are Bixad village (a very quiet and nice little village) and Tusnad resort; Tusnad is a 20 min. drive from Bixad. Once in Tusnad, do not miss the hike up to the Eagle’s Rock (offers a beautiful view towards Tusnad), or spoil yourselves at the wellness.

Also, other honorable mentions in Tinutul Secuiesc include: a nice salt mine in Praid town, local ethnographic museums, rides with the horse and cart, hiking in Varghis Gorge (beautiful place, off the beaten track) and much more.

There are lots of places for accommodation in Tinutul Secuiesc, for all tastes and ages. What do we recommend? Try accommodation at some local guesthouses and try the local drink: palinca :).

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