Buila Vanturarita or Romania’s smallest National Park

Buila Vanturarita is one of those places that should be on every hiker’s wish list. It is one of those hidden gems in Romania, a quiet and amazing place for photographers, hikers and nature enthusiasts in general.

What makes it so special though? Many things, actually. Let’s name just a few: rich flora (beautiful fields of ,,forget me not,, flowers and not only) and fauna (deers, wild goats, bears etc.), small monasteries in the forests, lovely meadows and springs where one can quench the thirst on a hot day, spectacular and diverse landscapes (sharp ridges, steep climbs, large meadows, abrupt gorges).

What is the best time to go to Buila? All year round actually. To  see the flowers in bloom, and a bit of snow as well (for a nice contrast), one should go there from mid April until late May.

Looking for splendid autumn colors? Late September and the month of October will provide some beautiful and intense colors.

There are many beautiful hiking routes in Buila, and they offer a variety of landscapes. As for accommodation, there are some nice guesthouses in the villages and towns at the foot of the mountain (like Pietreni village and Horezu town).

Also, for the adventurous type, one can spend the night at Cheia hut, in the middle of the forest, in the gorge near the river.

Whatever you want to do and see in this amazing national park, there is a lot to do for everybody!

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