Cerna Valley and the isolated hamlets

Cerna Valley is a beautiful area, in the SW of Romania. The area is known for the beautiful mountains called Cerna amd Mehedinti, beautiful waterfalls, and Baile Herculane town.

This place is also known for the beautiful and isolated hamlets, where people life almost entirely disconnected from civilisation. A tour in here is definitely something to remember.

Facts about Cerna Valley

Cerna Valley is located in Domogled National Park and it is a protected area. It lies on the territory of three counties: Gorj, Mehedinti, Caras Severin.

This national park has an abundance of flora and fauna. Some of the animals you will find here are brown bears and deers.

Activities to enjoy

There are plenty of activities to enjoy here like hiking, rock climbing, rafting on Cerna river, culinary experiences at the locals, visiting historical towns like Baile Herculane (once known as the Pearl of the Austrian Empire), waterfalls and caves.

The thermal waters in Baile Herculane

Romania is home to more than one third of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs. Many Romanians visit them every year as these waters have been proved to be curative for many diseases. During summer, these hot thermal baths are very crowded with tourists but we think that the experience would be even more interesting during winter. This way you can enjoy the white landscape and a hot bath at the same time, in the outdoors.

Special experiences! The isolated hamlets

There are some hamlets in Cerna Mountains where access can be…an issue. In order to cross from one village to the next, you have to climb a few wooden staircases made by the locals. That is because there are no roads there so the quickest access to the villages is by climbing the stairs.

There is a beautiful church up there in the mountains, and also a school, where only a few children study. It is impressive how people there manage to live a simple and beautiful life. Some people there have never been to the ,,big city” and by that we mean Bucharest. Some people have been to the biggest city in the area, which is Timisoara.

Hiking opportunities

There are plenty of options for hiking there and the trails are marked well. If you want a tailor made guided tour in the area, ask for a quote.

Hiking in Cerna Mountains will take you on quiet trails and beautiful forests. Once you get out of the forest you will enjoy splendid views. If you go there climb on Arjana Peak (the highest in Cerna Mountains) because the view is magnificent.

Also, try the views on Cracu Mare. It is tough to get up there but definitely worth it.

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