About me

My name is Dan, full-time tour and mountain guide and owner of Outdoor Activities in Romania.

A long time ago I heard that if you really want something and you strongly believe in this, the whole Universe starts to conspire in your favour. My dream was to become a guide and have the privilege of showing other people the beautiful places that I’ve seen in Romania.

Now, I do what I like and I like what I do. For me, this is as good as it gets.
The plan for Outdoor Activities in Romania started in 2012, as an idea meant to bring memorable travel experiences to the people who want to discover the authentic Romania. The idea turned into a spark, and the spark turned into a flame.

I started my story with an old backpack, too small for the dreams and plans I wanted to fulfil, and with a pair of mountain boots too tired for the trips I had in mind.

Over the next three years, my backpack changed a few times and my mountain boots took different sizes. Some things though, remained the same, and those are my passion for hiking, climbing, photography, visiting and discovering the traditional Romanian villages, meeting new people and having a drink at the local pub.

In 2015, I founded Outdoor Activities in Romania, a company that offers premium and luxury tours…with an active twist! Before that, I guided groups around the country, advocating for the varied and stunning landscapes my country has to offer.

Over the years I met and served tourists from the UK, USA, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Jordan, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.