E-Bike family fun for all ages. Discover Transylvania.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The E-bike is the decade’s great connector and unifier of families. Suddenly parents, children and grandparents can bike a trail together while they all enjoy it and no one breaks the rhythm. Mind you, the E-bike is not a scooter, it does not work if you do not pedal. The motor boosts whatever motion you yourself create. The beauty is that you choose how much of a boost you want for the end result: to all enjoy a day out in nature, everybody at their level of fitness. 

The endless Transylvanian hills, hiding a trove of fortified churches and medieval houses, little farms and other such gems, make for the perfect terrain to enjoy an E-Bike ride on a family day or weekend. 

E-Bike exploring Transylvanian World Heritage Villages

A short 1 hour drive from Brasov is the entrance point to the wonder that is the Transylvanian countryside. You’ve surely heard about it in the news these last years as the place that Prince Charles put on the map when he bought a house in the picturesque town of Viscri. Next to it Meșendorf, Criț, Bunești, Cloașterf, all within a 30-40km radius that is easily covered on an E-Bike. 

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

E-Bike a dormant volcano in Racoș

Racoș Geological Reserve is another well kept secret within the Carpathian curvature. You bike through apple orchards and next to corn fields to get to an area that not many people know about. The Racoș Natural Reserve is home to a dormant volcano that echoes the Grand Canyon (on a much, much, much smaller scale), basalt columns that have seen millennia and an Emerald Lake that will defy your camera with its everchanging blues and greens.  

E-Bike in Piatra Craiului National Park 

This trail is probably the best in terms of spectacular views versus necessary effort. The road starts in the spectacular Zărnești Gorge, it continues up through the forest all the way to a beautiful meadow with views that take your breath away. From there it’s 15 minutes to Curmătura Cabin where warm tea and house dessert (never miss the house dessert) await. Come back down slowly through the traditional mountain towns of Măgura and Peștera and that’s a full fun day on the mountain.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Like for all mountain activities, we highly recommend getting a certified guide to join you. It is safer and you make sure you get to see the best the mountain has to offer. 

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