Five off-the-beaten-track places you should visit in Romania

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Romania has a lot to offer to its tourists: big cities, authentic traditional villages, untamed nature, beautiful hills and mountains, caves, glaciers, the Danube delta, the seaside, great nightlife and great food. The most famous and visited places are Bucharest, Bran Castle, Sighisoara, Sibiu and some villages in Transylvania but there is much more to explore. Check out our private guided tours in Romania to find out more about it. Also, we have 5 recommendations of some off-the-beaten-track places in Romania you should visit soon.

Pestera village

Situated at the foot of the mountains, between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, surrounded by forests, the village kept its traditional look. There you can see shepherds houses, old households, cows and sheep and great views toward the mountains. Also, we have a great connection here, a nice lady that cooks delicious food for our guests.

Book tour: The rural and traditional Romania: Pestera Village and Piatra Craiului Mountains

Curmatura hut

Curmătura hut is a mountain cabin in Piatra Craiului mountains where many hikers stop for a hot tea in their way to the top. Also, some of the visitors only come for the hut as it is an easy hike to it and it offers great views toward the steep peaks of Piatra Craiului. What we also like is that on the way to Curmatura you will pass through Zarnesti gorges which are spectacular.

Book tour: Bran Castle and Piatra Craiului National Park: guided tour

Trascau mountains

Trascau mountains are spectacular and a trip there will make great memories for you and your family or friends. You will see stunning mountains, knife like ridges, isolated hamlets in the middle of nowhere, gorges and water for you to swim in, cables you have to hold on to in order to cross the gorge.

Ciucas Mountains

The guided tour to Ciucas Mountains is one of our favorites as it is very close to Bucharest, not a very difficult hike but very spectacular. The Ciucaș peak offers a great view towards many mountains and the cities and villages around.

Book tour: Feels like heaven: guided hiking tour in Ciucas Mountains

Glaciers and caves of Apuseni

Apuseni Natural Park is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Romania. Well known for the large number of interesting caves that attract thousands of tourists, the most imposing and splendid karst formations in Romania such as Cetatile Ponorului (Fortresses of Ponor) and the bucolic landscape with horses and haystacks, the whole area is a paradise for those who want both a relaxing and adventurous holiday. With a guided tour in Apuseni, one will find here gorges, waterfalls, impressive rock walls, water caves and ice caves, to name just a few of the wonders from Apuseni. No doubt, it is a place worth visiting!

Book tour: Glaciers and caves in Apuseni: guided tour

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