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Cluj-Napoca is a big city in northwestern Romania which lately has become very famous for its festivals. Also it is an important university center and a business center. The night life in Cluj Napoca has always been very active. Many people consider Cluj Napoca as the unofficial capital of Transylvania. More than that, it is a big tourist attraction for a beautiful citybreak but also for a longer holiday with some day trips in the surroundings. Below you can find the first four reasons to plan a trip to Cluj Napoca.

The nightlife

Cluj Napoca is an important university center so one third of the population is represented by students. Therefore, Cluj Napoca is a young city that loves to party. At least during the academic year, between October and June. You will find here plenty of restaurants, pubs, bars and night clubs for all preferences. Also, Cluj Napoca is home for many live concerts and festivals (Electric Castle, Untold, TIFF, Jazz in the Park etc.) So make sure you buy your tickets in advance because they get sold out very fast.

Jazz in the Park festival, Cluj-Napoca – Check it out on Instagram

The food

Being the second biggest city in Romania with a very active population, Cluj Napoca has many good restaurants. Of course, you can try traditional Romanian food (with the local star meal Varza A La Cluj) but also international cuisines. Check out: top 10 restaurants in Cluj Napoca Also, Cluj Napoca is a good place for good coffee and tea, Samsara being on of the most recommended places for it.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Check it out on Instagram

The festivals

During summer, when the city gets more quiet, the festivals start. There are plenty of them and most of them are internationally famous and they attract thousands of tourists for every event. Electric Castle, Untold, TIFF, Jazz in the Park and many others keep the city alive during the summer days. Book a trip to Cluj in advance if you want to be part of the story.

Electric Castle festival – Check it out on Instagram

The outdoor activities in Cluj county

For a longer trip to Cluj Napoca, we recomend also some day trips in the county, there are plenty of great places to see. “Stufarisul de la Sic” is a small Delta in Transylvania and an attractive photo spot.

Sufaris Sic – Check it out on Instagram

Tarnița is a mountain lake with great views where you can relax or rent a boat or swim when the weather is warm.

Tarnita Lake – Check it out on Instagram

Hoia-Baciu is a forest surrounded by many legends with ghosts because of its looks. Actually it is an interesting place that hosts many concerts and festivals.

Banffy Castle in Bonțida is the home of Electric Castle festival.

Bontida Banffy Castle – Check it out on Instagram

Turda Salt Mine (Salina Turda) is a huge and impressive salt mine in Turda.

Cheile Turzii – Turda Gorges – are a great place for hiking tours.

Cheile Turzii – Check it out on Instagram

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