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Ciucaș is one of our favorite mountain ranges in Romania and we always offer guided hiking tours there. It’s not only our personal preference. There are plenty of reasons to choose it for a one day hiking tour because it is very close to Bucharest, accesible, not so difficult, the views are great and the legends are very interesting.

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Ciucas is close to Bucharest

After a 3 hour drive you can get to the base of Ciucaș mountains. If you start from Bucharest. In other words, this is a great place for a one day guided hiking tour in Romania.

Ciucas is legendary

Ciucaș has some interesting rock formations at the top with really unique names: The Chatty Old Ladies, Goliat Tower, Devil’s Hand, The Big Man and others. If you look from a good perspective, you will understand why they were calles like that. Of course, there are also some nice legends about them.

Ciucas mountains - Outdoor Activities in Romania
Hiking in Ciucas – private guided hiking tour in Romania

Hiking in Ciucas is accesible

Hiking in Ciucaș mountains is not difficult at all, almost anyone used to long walks in the nature can do it. The highest peak called also Ciucaș is only 1954 meters high.

The views

On a clear day, when you are up there on Ciucaș peak, you can see all the villages, cities and mountains around. The views are amazing and totally worth hiking for.

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The mountain cabins

Who does not love a well deserved stop at a mountain hut after a good hike? In Ciucaș you have Ciucaș cabin and Muntele Roșu cabin who both have a restaurant and also accommodation and a nice yard with a view.

Varful Ciucas mountain hut – Check it out on Instagram

Join us now in a guided hiking tour in Ciucas!

Are you looking for an amazing guided hiking day in Romania, with stunning views, a breath of fresh air and good company? If the answer is yes, you chose the perfect tour!

Where: Ciucas Mountains
Highlights: hiking, photography, landscapes, nature
Itinerary and mapBucharest – Valenii de Munte – Cheia – Bratocea Pass – Bucharest
Departure time: 7 – 8 am. Arrival time:approx. 10 pm
Available: all year round. Special equipment is required in winter
Type of activity: hiking
The hike is rated as: medium – difficult
Starting altitude for the hike: 1200 m. Highest point of the day: 1954 m

Book here: guided hiking tour in Ciucas Mountains

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