Hidden gems in Romania

The hidden gems are among the most requested things on our tours. Over the years we specialized in looking for hidden gems everywhere we go. But what does that actually mean?

As specialists in the field of tourism we strongly believe that field work is very important. And so, over the years we travelled extensively in all the regions of Romania.

A lot of our work is off the beaten track. The best experiences can be found when you decide to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. For instance, we travel to remote areas in Apuseni Mountains. Once we get there we look for interaction with the few locals; they provide us with the latest gossip and the best stories. And sometimes with some interesting food. Last year in October, a hunter in a remote hamlet in Apuseni offered us some rabbit stew and some plum brandy. That is a hidden gem.

Two years ago we met a nice guy in a tiny village in Maramures. Sebi invited us to his distillery and showed us how he made the famous palinca (plum brandy). It was a steamy experience but now we are friends and whenever we are there…he wants to show us around. This is another hidden gem.

Last year we explored the South West of Romania. Beautiful place, very different than other things we had seen before. That is where we met this old lady who was grinding corn (at an old water mill). She offered us some flour and we bought it happily. She is one of our hidden gems in that area.

In the North West of Romania, in Bucovina, we explored some really nice villages and we talked to a lot of people. They invited us to their houses to treat us with some local specialties and tell us about the places. Since then, we stayed in touch. And they are now part of our hidden gems attractions.

Basically, the hidden gems can mean interesting and gregarious people, spectacular places where few people go, less known waterfalls, beautiful overlooked natural reservations, interesting rural experiences, churches, old castles and much more.

We can provide tours in such places and we always adapt them to our guest’s interests. Romania offers a lot of beauty and diversity so you will always discover something new.

We look forward to showing you some hidden gems!

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