Hiking equipment for a winter tour in the mountains in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The hiking equipment for winter in Romania is something really important to consider. Winters here can be really hard, with deep snow (1 m or 2 m or more), icy trails, very low temperatures (the minimum can be – 30 celsius).

The list for required equipment is:

  • good winter boots
  • very warm winterpants
  • thermals
  • gloves and extra gloves
  • very warm socks
  • windtopper jacket
  • winter jacket
  • something to cover your head during the night
  • hiking sticks
  • ice axe (depending on the route)
  • crampons
  • snow shoes (if you go on a snow shoeing tour)
  • sun block and sun glasses
  • tea recipient (hot tea is better than water)

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