Of horses and rolling hills at Potcoava Mountain Hideaway

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Romania has plenty to offer when it comes to natural landscapes: mountains, beautiful rivers, caves, glacial lakes, isolated villages where the traditions are still kept alive.

When it comes to horseback riding we recommend you do it like back in the old days: out there, in the nature, on the rolling hills, on the mountain trails.

You wonder if such a place exists? A place where back in the old days the outlaws used to roam the forests and use them as hideaways? Or where they used to steal from the rich and give to the poor?  Or maybe steal a young lady’s heart…forever?

Yes, there is such a place, the perfect mountain hideaway retreat, where horses run free, and with a bit of help from passionate people, you could relive some of the old stories.

This iniative took shape when Ionut, the owner of Potcoava Mountain Hideaway , dared to dream big.

Potcoava is located at the foot of Leaota Mountains, and it is the perfect setting for a dream holiday. The beautiful horses brought from Tirol are waiting for you, challenging you to try an amazing experience!

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