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Hut to hut hiking in Fagaras Mountains

Hut to hut hiking in Fagaras Mountains is a type of experience which is very appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. Romania is definitely the place to do this.

Facts about Fagaras Mountains

It is the highest mountain range in Romania, with many peaks over 2000 m. Also known as the Transylvanian Alps, they display a variety of land forms: forests, hilly areas, high peaks that split the sky in two, beautiful glacial valley and lakes.

The highest peak of Romania is here: Moldoveanu (2544 m). The second highest peak in Romania is Negoiu (2535 m) and the third highest peak is Vistea (2527 m).

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Typically, the starting point for most of the hikes in Fagaras is Balea Lake, at 2000 m altitude. But you can start from the villages located at the foot of the mountains for instance.

What does hut to hut mean

Such a hut to hut tour in Fagaras Mountains means you start in point A, and to get to point B, you stop at different huts along the way. There are a few huts in Fagaras: Podragu, Balea, Negoiu, Barcaciu, Sambata, Turnuri.
These are acces points to different parts of the mountain.

The huts offer accommodation and basic facilities (toilet outside in most cases and sometimes no showers). For such a tour you need to carry a sleeping bag and just in case you are forced to camp between the huts, a tent.

You can buy food from the huts and spend a quiet night there, in the middle of the mountains.

What kind of equipment do you need for a tour in Fagaras?

Keep in mind that the weather here can change from sun to hale quickly. For such a hut to hut tour you need good hiking boots, a solid backpack, fleece, waterproof jacket, sun block, proper mountain pants, and warm socks.

What will you do if you need help in the mountains?

Should anything happen just call 112, the emergency line, or dial 0-SALVAMONT. The latter is the emergency line for the mountain rescue team.

Will it be safer with a guide than on your own?

Always. A qualified guide is a person who knows Fagaras Mountains well and they can solve almost any type of situation.

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