Local experiences in Trascau Mountains

If you travel to Romania, in Transylvania, you must visit the main beautiful medieval cities: Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu. A local experience is something different though.

Once you get to Alba County, near Sibiu, you must visit some places which are not on the radar. Such a place in Romania is Trascau Mountains.

Trascau Mountains are known for many things: the beautiful mountains (the highest peak is 1369 m), the impressive caves (Huda lui Papara is the longest one in Trascau and hosts the biggest colony of bats in Romania), the natural reservations (Scarita Belioara), and the tiny hamlets. But the cherry on the cake are the warmhearted romanian people.


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When you travel in Trascau you must visit the isolated hamlets. The hamlets are everywhere in Trascau, you just have to know where to look for them. A private tour is sometimes the best solution.

How to get to the hamlets in Trascau? You can get by foot, like the locals do, or in some cases by car.

Once on the top of the hills or mountains you will see the tiny typical houses, with roofs made from straws.

The locals will invite you to their houses, for some local culinary experiences. That usually means bulz (polenta with sheep cheese) and some local brandy (tuica).

Romania has a lot to offer to the tourists, when it comes to local experiences. Meeting romanians, in a spontaneous way, and engaging in conversation with them, is a great way to know the places.

Another local experience you can enjoy in Trascau is the visit at the pub. In Romania, the local pub is the place where people socialise.
Your private guide can take you to some of the best pubs in Trascau, for a nice cold beer.

When you pass by the tiny huts in the hamlets, you can observe the animals around: sheep, cows, dogs.

The roads in Trascau are something somewhat new. For years and years the locals used horses and buggies to move around. For many of the locals, to see is a car new is still novelty.

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