Here’s why you will love hiking in Fagaras Romania

Făgăraș is the highest mountain range in Romania and many people call it “The Alps of Transylvania”. Therefore, it’s not easy to go hiking in Fagaras, Romania but for sure it is spectacular. With its high peaks, glacial lakes, amazing views, the black goats, the huts, the satisfaction of reaching the highest peak of Romania: Moldoveanu and driving on the most beautiful mountain road Transfăgărășan. Join us in this guided hiking tour in Făgăraș!

The road – Transfagarasan, Romania

Făgăraș mountains are crossed by the famous and beautiful road Transfăgărășan. You have probably already heard about it as it’s been talked and written about in many media channels, movies and books. We will go by car on Transfăgărășan until its highest point at Bâlea hut and start the hiking in Fagaras, Romania, from there.

Transfagarasan mountain road (video) – Check it out on Instagram

The lakes in Fagaras

The glacial lakes in Făgăraș are big and very beautifully located between high cliffs and they have great views. For instance, during this hiking in Fagaras, Romania, we will pass and see these lakes and you will have the chance to take some great photos.

Hiking in Făgăraș - hiking tours in Romania

The hut in Fagaras, Romania

The hut we will sleep in (Podragu hut at 2136 metres alt.) offers modest shelter. But it has nice views and good vibes, as many hikers gather around for a hot tea or wine in the evening after reaching the highest peaks of Făgăraș.

P.S. Don’t forget to kiss the donkeys at the hut!

Podragu mountain hut – Check it out on Instagram

The peaks of Fagaras, Romania

So that you know, we will hike to Saua Doamnei (2198 m alt.) L, Paltinu (2401 m alt.), Capra (2417 m alt.), Moldoveanu Peak, the highest in Romania (2544 m alt.) and many others.

The satisfaction of hiking in Fagaras, Romania

Nothing compares with the satisfaction you get when you reach a peak after a difficult hike. Also, nothing compares with that moment at the end of the day when you put your backpack down and take off your hiking boots and enjoy a drink with your hiking team. You will get many moments like that during this tour.

The untamed nature in Romania

One of the special things about hiking in Romania is the untamed nature that offers you the feeling that you are one of the first people who walk on those paths. For example, the routes are very well marked but you will not see many artificial stairs or concrete paths on the mountain. Also, you will get the chance to see many wild animals.

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