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Hiking is an activity surrounded by many fears and misconceptions for those who never had the chance to try it. It’s hard, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive – there are many reasons not to do it, they will say. But it is also satisfying, rewarding, challenging, curageous and accesible. Today we are talking (and making a little fun) about the myths about hiking in Romania. If you love hiking and you are curious about exploring and hiking in Romania, check out our private guided tours in Romania.

1. Hiking is hard

Actually, this is not one of the myths about hiking in Romania. If it is your first time, hiking is hard. But you can start with easy trails and you have to keep that in mind only the first 30 minutes. This is because your heart rate accommodates to the new rythm. After that, everything is easier. Also, it helps if you make small steps and breathe correctly. Anyway, when you book a guided hiking tour in Romania, our team will reccommend the right trail for you and when needed will adapt the pace to your rythm. We offer different types of hiking tours, some are easy, some have medium dificulty and some are only for the experienced hikers.

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2. Hiking is dangerous

Another myth about hiking in Romania is that hiking is dangerous. Hiking can be dangerous but only if you don’t plan it right. With the right equipment and a good planning (check the weather and type of trail), everything will be allright. Also, it helps a lot to hike with someone who is experienced or already knows the hiking path. During a private hiking tour in Romania, our guides will always have guests’ safety as a priority and they will always plan ahead for you.

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3. Hiking is expensive

It is true that good hiking equipement is expensive but you only buy it once in a couple of years. For example, good hiking booths will last for 7-10 years. Also, a good waterproof and windproof hiking jacket will be your companion for a long time. After you buy a complete set of hiking equipment, you only have to invest in the trips themselves. On the other hand, the memories of great hiking tours in Romania will last forever. This is not a myth.

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4. Bears will attack you while hiking in Romania

It is well known that Romania has the biggest population of bears in Europe. This is not one of the myths about hiking in Romania. But this does not mean that you will meet them while hiking. They are wild brown bears and they are also afraid of people. Therefore, if they hear your voice, your steps or just smell you, they will go away. It helps if you speak loudly or sing a song while hiking. If by any chance you meet a bear in the mountains, keep calm and go away, do not make eye contact. Anyway, our guides will know exactly what to do and they will take care of you.

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5. I don’t have a hiking partner

If you do not have a hiking buddy but you are eager to explore the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, we recommend to book a guided hiking tour. Our guides are exactly what you need and they will offer advice, expertise, know-how, planning and will be the perfect hiking partner you need.

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6. Hiking in the cold?

It is true that the weather in the mountains is colder than in the cities. When you go up above 2000 meters altitude, you can even have snow or negative temperatures during summer. For those who are not used to cold or do not like being cold, there is special hiking equipment. Wear layers of good sport clothing and you will be comfortable.

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If you know other myths about hiking in Romania or you have more questions about hiking in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, check out our private guided hiking tours in Romania.

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