Of fine wines, cheese and meats in the Romanian countryside. With a touch of Red Star.

Here’s the story:

In vino veritas, they say. Or: you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine, and that’s kind of the same thing. We say: if you add some cheese to it (everybody say Cheese now), and some good meat on the platter, we have a winner.

Whatever the saying or your flavour is, there’s something for everybody. Dive deep in an experience of the senses. Let yourself get carried away in an extraordinary journey in the Romanian countryside.

Why is this tour so special? 

You will learn about the country’s old history, visit the winery and learn how the wine is made and preserved, taste the cheese and the wine, see the 300 year old wine cellar (with a Soviet twist), enjoy the sights and the fresh air.

Detailed program:

Start early from Bucharest and head straight to Urlati region, one of the most famous wine areas in Romania. On the way, you will be charmed by the Romanian history, the local stories and jokes. Our guides are funny people and they know their craft, guaranteed!

Once at the winery you will meet one of our charming local hosts who will show you around. Speaking faster than Speedy Gonzales and moving faster than Muhammad Ali, Mihai will take you through a wonderful wine journey spiced with local stories and a lot of humour. Throw in the local barbecue, the cheese and the wine, the walk through the vineyard and the old cellar (the cherry on the cake), and the visit is complete.

Dazed and confused after tasting 5 wines (that’s a Led Zeppelin song, not far from reality) you will be transferred to the cruise ship in Giurgiu.

Group size, price, inclusions and other relevant information:

  • small group size (25 people)
  • Price/person: 159 USD
  • Included: transfer from the hotel in Bucharest to the winery and to Giurgiu (29 seats midi bus with AC), professional English speaking tour guide on the bus, local guide at the winery, wine tasting (5 wines), cheese, meats and barbecue (with local products)
  • in hours, the tour is made up of: driving to the winery (around 2 hrs); wine tasting and barbecue (around 3 hrs); drive to Giurgiu (around 2 – 3 hrs)

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