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Off the beaten track in Romania: hiking tour in Trascau Mountains

A hiking tour in Romania will bring you many satisfactions as it is a great outdoor activity that shows you the nature, the mountains, the traditional villages, the shepherd houses and food. In other words, hiking in Romania is a great way to discover the country, off the beaten track, away from the crowded touristic places or cities. The Carpathian Mountains are beautiful in Romania and today we will show you the magic Trascău mountain range and some of the most beautiful places it has to offer for its guests. Join us!

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The Trascău Mountains are located in the Apuseni mountain range of the Western Romanian Carpathians, in Romania. The Trascău Mountains are crossed by the picturesque Arieş River valley. The highest elevation in the massif is Dâmbău Peak, at 1,369 m.

Huda lui Papara Cave

This cave is the biggest in Trascău mountains. Also, it is the most uneven, the most difficult to explore, it has the highest gallery, the biggest waterfall. More than that, Huda Lui Papara Cave hosts the biggest bats colony in Europe. The cave is closed for visitors but you can walk at its entrance and take a look from there – it is impressive!

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The huts of TrascAu

The huts covered with hay roofs are present in the landscape of Trascau. Also, they are very photogenic, therefore a big attraction for the photographers.

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Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana is a picturesque village in Transylvania located 75 km away from Alba Iulia, on top of Europe’s largest gold deposits. The main tourist attractions in Rosia Montana are the ancient roman mines and the Mining Museum where you can see traditional tools used for gold processing, documents and pictures regarding gold extraction in the area.

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GeamAna Lake

Geamăna was a village in the Apuseni Mountains that is now entirely covered by waste from the copper career from Rosia Poieni. The people who used to live in the village were forced to move away in order to escape the invasion of the waste that in time covered their church, their cemetery, and swallowed the village. Now, Geamăna is an unique lake in Romania.

Geamana Lake, Apuseni, Romania – Check it out on Instagram

Hiking tour in ScAriTa Belioara Reserve

Hiking in Scarita Belioara Reserve is an amazing and unique experience for those who like exploring the outdoors. Scarita Belioara is a natural reserve in Apuseni Mountains which is easy accesible for beginers and families. The beautiful natural landscape has many steep stone walls, glacial relicts and a variety of meadows, valleys, hills and plateaus with diverse vegetation. This natural wonder is home to a diversity of rare plants and animals.

Ramet Gorges

Walking through Râmet Gorges is an unique experience as you have to walk through the water for a kilometer or you can climb the steep walls. Visitors will see numerous karst landforms: dolines, sinkholes, caves, towers, ridges.

The hamlets of Trascau

The remote hamlets in Trascău are living museums where you can see the country side life as it used to be hundreds of years ago. And it still is. You can join some of the traditional activities with the locals. Help them stack the hay for example!

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