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Getting ready for your trip to Romania? You probably have many plans for this travel or your have already booked a private guided tour in Romania so all you have to do now is plan what to pack for your trip to Romania. Here’s our recommendation:

Hiking gear

Romania has beautiful mountains and hills that are very accessible from anywhere in the country so you can enjoy a hike in the nature during your trip. It does not matter if you are a passionate hiker or a beginner, there are options for everyone. For example, if you want to visit the beautiful Peles Castle, keep in mind that behind it there is a nice and easy hiking trail used in the past by the royal family to go to their party venue Stâna Regală. Go on that path, you will love what you will find at the end of it. Also, the famous Bran Castle is surrounded by mountains and traditional mountain villages so it would be a big loss not to have the right equipment (at least hiking boots) with you in your pack for your trip to Romania and enjoy a hike you will love.

Comfy clothes

You probably pack comfy clothes for your travels but in Romania you need it even more. It’s not because it’s a local trend. You will need to feel comfortable because you will eat a lot! Romanian food is really tasty and consistent and you won’t be able to stop eating and try everything! The sausages, the polenta, sarmale, the soups, smoked ham, the cakes, the wine… you get the point! Pack a bigger size pants for those epic Romanian dinners.

Something nice

Romania also has some great restaurants with very good chefs. Check out this list: the best restaurants in Romania. So if you will chose to try some these restaurant, maybe you will want to dress for the occasion so pack something nice for your trip to Romania. Also, if you want us to recommend some special places to eat during your private guided tour in Romania, do not hesitate to mention it.

Bathing suit

It’s always useful to have a bathing suit in your luggage, especially in Romania. There are so many occasions to use it. You have the thermal SPAs in the big cities, the pools of the hotels, the lakes, rivers, the natural thermal baths, the Danube Delta, the Black Sea… you name it, Romania has it!

hiking in romania - private guided tours romania - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Extra memory cards

During your trip in Romania, you will take so many photos that you will definitely need some extra memory cards. For most of our guests, the traditional Romanian villages are a big surprise so they usually want to capture as much as they can in pictures or videos but for you… who knows what will impress you? The traditional rituals, the cities, the people, the mountains, the food, the castles…

hiking in romania - private guided tours romania - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Sun protection

It’s always safe to carry sun protection with you in your pack for your trip to Romania, indifferent of the season you travel to Romania. During the winter the snow reflects lots of the sun shine and in the rest of the time there are also many sunny days so do not forget to protect your skin and eyes!

hiking in romania - private guided tours romania - Outdoor Activities in Romania


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