Responsible tourism in 2021

Responsible tourism has always been a preoccupation for Outdoor activities in Romania. The current and unprecedented situation makes us consider it even more.
We have always considered you, our guest, our main priority. From the very beginning we have aimed for small groups and private tours, in order to ensure a great experience. Such an experience usually cannot be obtained with big groups.

Off the beaten path or classic?

Our tours have always focused on more remote areas and out tours are mostly off the beaten path. In these areas it is not very likely to meet many people.
In the light of the recent events we continue to offer tours off the beaten path. We travelled extensively last year and discovered and explored beautiful areas all over Romania. From east to west and from north to south, we explored and photographed some truly amazing places.

Private or big groups?

Our tours are all private and upon request. On our tours you will meet beautiful people, learn about the customs and traditions, discover hidden gems. You will taste the Romanian food, taste the wine and the plum brandy.
You will discover natural reservations, camp near the glacial lakes and photograph the mountains. Tours for children? Check out some ideas.
You will have the chance to discover the basic rural life, in remote places. You could pick apples straight from the tree, or talk to the locals about their daily chores. All these experiences are far away from the crowds.

Glacial lakes in Romania
Keeping the groups very small ensures a better interaction with the guide. Thus, we do tours with one or two people only, upon request.
Being as much as possible in the nature does not mean we will overlook the cultural aspect. You will learn a lot about the most famous cultural objectives, about the history and ,,see” the most impressive churches and medieval towns. We will do that mainly through stories and photos.
We designed tours for single travellers, couples and active families. In this way, we minimise the interaction with big groups and crowds.
Also, the places for accommodation are away from the touristy areas. We focus on small guesthouses with bed and breakfast.
We look forward to offering you a private tour in Romania in 2021!

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