Rural activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The rural activities in Romania is what we will talk about in this article. There are many things you can enjoy in Romania. You can do hiking, photography, sightseeing, adventure activities, and much more.

On your way through the country though, you will pass through rural areas. The rural areas offer a glimpse of how life in the country is. It also gives the traveller an idea of the many chores you can do in a village.

The importance of farming

Farming has always been an important part of the rural life. People do that from spring until late autumn. In spring, everything is green and in bloom. People will start to work outside more, plant trees and crops for summer and autumn.

The farming has always been the base of agriculture. In Romania the land is good and people can grow almost anything: corn, potatoes, wheat, tomatoes, cabbage, fruit trees, and many more.

Although people are busy in spring, the best time to observe rural activities in Romania, is summer time and autumn.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Summer is the best time for working on the field and building hay stacks. People wake up early and go to their plot of land. A rural activity there means they will cut the grass, for hours, and then let it dry on the ground.
After that, they will make haystacks. That is really hard work and it usually requires 2-3 people to do it.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The hay will be stacked on a wooden tripod, and sometimes covered with plastic foil. The animals will feed from there, eventually. Or, the hay from the haystack will be transferred into a barn.
Once you are done with the haystack, it is really fun to climb it and sit on top of it for a while.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

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Other rural activities

Hay stacking is not the only rural activity you can do. In the summer and autumn people pick crops, like potatoes and cabbage.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

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Another activity that people in the country love, is making plum brandy. That is usually made in the summer and autumn, depending on the area. The brandy can be made from plums but from apples and pears as well.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania
All in all, rural activities in Romania are fun to do, and to watch as well. Do not forget one thing though: rest after a hard day at work 🙂

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

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