Slow traveling in the Danube Delta

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Danube’s Delta is one of the best kept secrets of Europe. Not many tourists have heard of it but visiting it is an incredible experience. During a guided tour in the Danube Delta, you can try kayaking, several fish recipes, birdwatching, biking, fishing and lots of relaxing moments. In our opinion, kayaking is a great way to slowly discover the Delta, do some exercise, feel the smell of the wilderness and see the nature that surrounds you. Join us for a guided kayaking tour in Danube Delta!

Danube’s Delta is one of the big treasures of Romania. It is unique, big, wild, authentic, photogenic and not very easy accesible. But a guided tour to Danube’s Delta in Romania will make for a precious memory that will las forever. With its water channels, fisherman houses and boats, sour fish soups and wet breeze, the Delta is a destination for those who want to explore the exotic part of Romania. The Black Sea is just around the corner so you can also have the seaside experience along with the Delta adventure.

What is slow travel in Danube Delta?

Slow travel is a way of exploring the Danube Delta without an exhaustive plan to check all the main attractions. First of all, the Delta is a wild and quiet place where everything needs to adapt to nature. Of course, there are plenty of speedboats going up and down the cannals but kayaking is a more responsible way of exploring. Slow travel also means to enjoy the local customs, the people, the food with no rush or expectations. Be open and ready to be surprised! Go with the flow. You might encounter something completely unknown and unexpected that in the end might become the most interesting part of your trip.

Discover the Delta as you’ve never seen it before

Kayaking in Danube Delta is not difficult. You will be introduced first with the equipment and then you will have a short kayaking class for the basic rules. It is not complicated, even the kids do it so it is not complicated at all. All you have to do is enjoy a relaxing paddle while viewing native plants and wildlife that call the Delta home.

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