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It’s polite and also interesting to know some of the most used words of the local language when you travel to a foreign country. If you have plans for a private guided tour in Romania, you should know some words and phrases in Romanian that will help you connect better with the locals.

Salut – Hello

This is a friendly Hello that you can use whenever you meet somebody in Romania. Also you can use “Bună!” or a more formal “Bună ziua!” (Good day!), “Bună dimineața!” (Good morning!), “Bună seara!” (Good evening!). To say Goodbye!, you can simply say “Pa!” or “La revedere!”

Te rog – Please

It’s always nice ans polite to say Please when you ask for something. In Romanian, Please is “Te rog” or more polite “Vă rog”.

Multumesc – Thank you

This is not an easy word to use for Thank You but many Romanians will appreciate and smile when you will succeed to say “Mulțumesc!” to show your gratitude for something. Also, you can use “Merci”.

Numele meu este – My name is

When you meet somebody and introduce yourself, it’s nice to say “Numele meu este ___” or “Eu mă numesc____” or “Eu sunt____” – they all have the same meaning: “My name is____”

Care este numele tau? – What’s your name?

Of course, when you meet somebody and you want to find out their name, you ask them What’s your name?. In Romanian, this is “Care este numele tău?” Or “Cum te numești?”

Cat costa? – How much is it?

Prices are important when you travel so you will find yourself very often asking How much is it? In Romanian you say “Cât costă?”

Ask your guide for help

Of course, you don’t have to know all these words and phrases before going to Romania. You can always ask your guide for help and translations.

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