Terms and conditions

We are Outdoor activities in Romania, a limited company based in Bucharest, trading outdoor services, as advertised on the website.

Company details:

Outdoor activities in Romania LTD
Registered office: 8 Garleni Street, C83, 2 nd floor, apt. 12, district 6, Bucharest
Registration code: 34251287, from 19.03.2015
Company registration number: J40/3317/2015

We are a small but energetic team of outdoor professionals.

Our staff has a lot of experience in the tourism field, over 15 years, and we worked with people from all over the world.

Because we genuinely love what we do, we put a lot of work into it. Below you will find some guidelines that will help you understand how we work.

Things to know before working with us:

  1. We are a small but efficient company and we do business
  2. Our tour prices are fair and we do not negotiate so please do not look for bargains. We are brilliant at what we do and a good service costs
  3. Discounts might be offered in some cases. That will be discussed during the booking process
  4. The customising of the itinerary is a complex and sometimes long process (that means time) and it involves our staff’s know – how. Thus, before we start working on the itinerary for you, we will ask for a deposit of 50 euro which covers our consultant’s costs (allocated time, phone calls, arrangements etc.). That is an act of trust that works both ways: we trust that your intentions are serious and you want to work with us and not just copy/paste our plan and then send it to someone else. You on the other hand, see that we are a serious company, and we really want to help you in tailoring a beautiful itinerary. Please note that this small deposit will be deducted from the total price after you book the tour (so you do not lose anything). And because we are so good….we are sure that you will book with us 🙂
  5. If you are not really interested in working with us and are only looking for the cheapest price, we ain’t your company. We care about quality and a great service

The booking process:

  1. You send us an email and we get back to you quickly; that means within 12 hrs. Our word is our bond!
  2. You tell us the basic stuff (how many travellers, number of days, type of desired accommodation etc.) . Based on that, we will offer you an initial price quotation and you can decide whether it is within your price range or not. Should you decide to go further we will require a deposit of 50 euro before we start to customize a tour for you. That means one of our staff members will look for available accommodation, for available transportation, and will put up an initial itinerary and provisional plan. That is called research
  3. You discuss the itinerary with our consultant (what to take out, what to throw in, number of days, visited areas, food preferences etc.)
  4. You agree with the plan and you decide to book. Once that happens you will be asked to read and sign the contract for the tour and to pay a deposit; later on, you will pay the balance
  5. That is all. See you on tour 🙂

The payment for the tour:

Depending on the type of tour you choose and depending on the length of the tour, you will be asked to pay a deposit (online, in euros or dollars) or to pay on the day, in lei (Romanian currency, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania) or euros.

Thank you and we hope to meet you soon!

Outdoor activities in Romania team