„The mountains are calling and I must go” . The Ciucas weekend escape

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Stretching over the counties of Brașov and Prahova, the Ciucaș Mountain Range is famous for its distinctive rock formations and remarkable biodiversity. Easy access from the national road and proximity to both Brașov and Bucharest make it a great idea for a weekend escape.

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

There are several approaches, depending on your group’s level and experience, all of them starting with deciding on a basecamp. We recommend a choice between Silva Cabin and Ciucaș Peak Cabin.

Outdoor fun for the whole family

Silva Cabin has the great advantage of being accessible by car, on a road lean enough to not call for a 4×4. Great as a basecamp if you want the whole family to join – kids, grandparents and out of shape adults can spend a beautiful weekend on the mountain, pushing their limits just enough to make it challenging but still enjoyable. 

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

By car or by foot, you get there in time for a warm lunch and a short rest before hitting the mountain again. The afternoon takes us to Muntele Roșu Peak , at 1765 m, and onwards all the way to Gropșoarele Peak at 1883 m. It’s more than enough for a great afternoon outdoors and the perfect warm-up for a longer trail the next day. 

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Next morning, wake up in paradise, take a breath of fresh air, get your fill at breakfast and head out on the trail to Ciucaș Cabin; you should get there just in time for lunch in a beautiful alpine open space where you won’t want to put your camera down. The road back is laid back and should get you back to your car and on your way home in about 3 hours. 

Highest Peaks Challenge

Our more advanced basecamp proposal is Ciucaș Peak Cabin that we mentioned earlier, higher up at 1595 m. Spectacular setting, 360 views and the easiest access point if you really want to go all the way to Ciucaș Peak at 1954 m exploring the southeast-northeast ridge of Ciucaș-Bratocea. That leaves the northwest-southwest ridge of Gropșoarele-Zăganu for your next day hike. After breakfast head to La Răscruce Peak, 1805 m, then continue on to Gropșoarelor Peak, 1883 m, and Muntele Roșu. 

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Don’t forget to checklist while you pack: waterproof mountain shoes, active wear, fleece, softshell/ windbreaker, backpack (20-30 liters), headlight, gloves and hat, sunglasses, thermos, trekking poles, minimal medical kit, a change of cabin clothes. 

Did you know: one of Romania’s first and most popular craft beers, Zăganu, takes its name and water from Zăganu Peak, 1817 m, the fourth highest of this range. Make sure you try one as a reward at the end of your hike. 

Pro Tip: If you’re not quite sure how to plan it, try June when the rhododendron is blooming. Walking among the sea of pink is a very camera ready and unforgettable experience 😉

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