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The paradise of water in Romania

Nature in Romania is very rich and diverse and water is present wherever you go. The grand Danube makes the southern border of Romania and flows into the Black Sea forming one of the most beautiful wonders: The Danube Delta. Also, in Romania there are plenty of natural lakes and glacial lakes up in the mountains, which are cold as ice but crystal clear. The small rivers and springs are magical and they keep alive forests, animals and villages. All in all, Romania has a very diverse water paradise that is worth exploring. Join us in a water adventure in Romania!

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The Danube

The Danube river starts from Germany and flows through 10 countries, more than any other river in the world. In Romania, the Danube has around 30% of its basin area, it forms the border with Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Most of the rivers from Romania flow into the Danube, which is Europe’s second longest river, after the Volga.

The Danube is one of Europe’s most important sources of fresh drinking water, with more than 10 million people relying on it for everyday life.

The gorges are spectacular and we do offer boat tours on Danube and hiking tours in the area. Also, if you are a fishing passionate, you can try it here. For our guests interested in wildlife, birdwatching, photography and camping at the Danube in Romania, we know the perfect spots.

The lakes

Did you know that there are around 3500 lakes in Romania? The big ones are those close to the Black Sea, in Danube’s Delta: Razim and Sinoe. The most spectacular ones are the glacial lakes in Romania, in the mountains: Zanoaga (the deepest lake in Romania) and Bucura (the largest), Balea, Capra, Caltun, Podragu and many others.

Romania also has a volcanic lake – Lake Saint Ana, sheltered in a perfectly preserved crater and surrounded by vast fir-tree forests. The lake is only fed by rain so its waters are very pure.

The rivers

Most of (98%) the Romania’s rivers spring from the Carpathian Mountains. The most important of these rivers are Mures, Olt, Prut, Siret, Ialomita, Somes, and Arges. Of course, the upper streams are usually more spectacular, as they form caves and gorges.

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For our guests who are passionate about photography or they just love breathtaking landscapes, we know a great spot to watch the Olt Valley.

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The thermal waters

Romania is home to more than one third of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs. Many Romanians visit them every year as these waters have been proved to be curative for many diseases. During summer, these hot thermal baths are very crowded with tourists but we think that the experience would be even more interesting during winter. This way you can enjoy the white landscape and a hot bath at the same time, in the outdoors.

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The waterfalls

With so many mountain rivers and lakes, of course Romania has plenty of waterfalls. The most famous one is Bigar waterfall but there are also other ones that are even more impressive. Take for example Lotrișor waterfall or Cascada Cailor (Horses’ Waterfal).

Horse’s Waterfall – cascada Cailor – Lotrisor – Check it out on Instagram

The Danube Delta

Danube’s Delta is one of the big treasures of Romania. It is unique, big, wild, authentic, photogenic and not very easy accesible. But a guided tour to Danube’s Delta in Romania will make for a precious memory that will las forever. With its water channels, fisherman houses and boats, sour fish soups and wet breeze, the Delta is a destination for those who want to explore the exotic part of Romania. The Black Sea is just around the corner so you can also have the seaside experience along with the Delta adventure.

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The Black Sea

The Black Sea has a long coastline in Romania, around 275 km. The beaches are wide and very populated during peakseason, in summer, and water sports are a big attraction. Also, in the last years, the international music festivals (Neversea for example) have been a hit for tourists.

The most important resort is Mamaia, situated north of the city of Constanța on a narrow land slice that separates the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. Other important resorts have names from Roman and Greek mythology, such as Eforie Nord, Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Olimp.

Mamaia – Constanta, Romania – Check it out on Instagram

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