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The things children can learn in a vacation in Romania

Children learn new things almost everyday and nothing compares to the beautiful look on their faces when they find out something for the first time. Traveling is a great oportunity for children to learn and experience new stuff together with their families. We have created private guided tours in Romania for families with children keeping in mind that every stop we make and every thing we do, or place we visit, is a learning opportunity. Join us in an unforgetable tour in Romania!

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A lesson of history and geography

We always thought that the best lessons are learned by doing. Therefore there is no better way to learn some history than traveling and seeing with your own eyes the impact of time and events on a country. Romania is one of the former communist countries in Europe and the effects are still visible and very interesting. One of the symbols of communism in Romania is the Parliament Palace in Bucharest which is the biggest building in Europe and the second biggest in the world (after the Pentagon). Also, Romania has almost all types of landforms and we offer active guided tours for all of them so your children can explore the mountains, the rivers, the Danube’s Delta, the beautiful gorges and the wildlife.

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Back to basics

In the modern world nowadays, the food comes from the supermarket, we only see animals at the Zoo and we sometimes forget the basics. Most of our children have never seen or experienced the contryside life and have never been in touch with how things used to be done before technology. The rural part of Romania offers authentic traditional lanscapes and our guests have the opportunity to engage in activities with the locals. For example, they can help staking the hay, gathering the animals, milking the cows, cooking with the shepherds, sleeping in hay, riding horses and petting the calves. These are great unforgetable experiences for children.

Outdoor activities

Sports should always be present in our lives and outdoor activities are very good for our health and spirit. More than that, when you do it with your loved ones in a different context than the one you are used to, the relationship is strenghtened. Also, the satisfaction on kids’s faces when they conquer a mountain or when they finish a biking trail or a kayaking route is priceless. These are some of the reasons we love to offer guides hiking trips and all kinds of guided outdoor activities in Romania for families.

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Respect for nature

Romania is well known for its untamed nature, virgin forests and wildlife. The Carpathian mountains are offering a lot in terms of nature and children can explore it as it is, without any technology impact, and learn how to respect it. There are many bears living in the Romanian Carpathians and hikers can often see their traces. Also, sometimes you can hear the wolves howling or you can see unique species of birds.

Family quality time

Traveling with the family is a special opportunity to reconect with each other, spend time together, experience new things and talk about it. Romania is a great destination for families as it is very diverse, with many learning possibilities. The best times spent during traveling in Romania will always be remembered.

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