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Most people think that the countryside life in Transylvania is quiet and nothing happens there, like in any other village in Romania. But most of the times the appearances deceive. In fact, in the Saxon villages of Transylvania, there are extraordinary things happening all year round and you will need a long private tour in Romania to experience them all. So, you can either book a flight to Cluj Napoca or Sibiu to start a tour in Transylvania or you can fly to Bucharest and also enjoy a city break in the capital of Romania. But what makes tourists go to hidden villages of Transylvania?

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UNESCO sites: the fortified churches and villages of Transylvania

Biertan, Saschiz, Câlnic, Viscri, Prejmer, Valea Viilor and Dârjiu: these are the seven protected villages by the UNESCO heritage. They are protected villages because of the fortified churches that were very well kept over the centuries.

Biertan Fortified Church – Check it out on Instagram

The traditional guesthouses

Price Charles started the beautiful story that saved the saxon villages in Romania. He bought an old saxon house in a village in Transylvania, restored it and turned it into a guesthouse. After this, many other houses, old schools and fortifies churches have the same destiny and now travelers can enjoy a traditional staying in Transylvania, with slow food cooked by the locals and beautiful traditional landscapes.

Viscri Green – Check it out on Instagram

The traditional brunches

From April until September, there are several traditional brunches happening in the villages of Transylvania. Usually the culinary events are happening in some local people’s garden, where all the neighbours are cooking and handcrafting all kinds of local goodies and start a party for their guests. This is a lovely way to get to know Transylvania and its food and people. Contact us in advance to book such an experience.

Pelisor, Sibiu, Romania – Transylvanian brunch – Check it out on Instagram

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Biking in Transylvania

In the last years, at leat 100 hundred kilometers of bike trails were built or signalised for bikers who want to discover the villages of Transylvania. Some of the biking routes start from Sighisoara, the most beautiful medieval town in Romania.

Biking in Viscri – Check it out on Instagram

Horse riding in Transylvania

Also close to Sighisoara there is a beautiful village where there is an international horse show happening every year – a very nice experience for the whole family. Also, if you want to learn how to ride a horse or if you want to practice, there are some great horse riding opportunities in Transylvania that we can arrange for you. This is an incredible and unforgettable way to explore the villages of Transylvania.

Transylvania horse show – Check it out on Instagram

Haferland week in Transylvania

Haferland week is a saxon cebration every summer happening in the Transylvanian villages. There are several culinary events, live concerts, workshops, hiking trips and different other activities with the locals.

Haferland week – Check it out on Instagram

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