Forest paths, springs and waterfalls in Bucegi mountains

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Get ready to enjoy a day in the beautiful and majestic Bucegi Mountains! For today we prepared enchanting forest trails, crossings over small rivers, stunning mountain views and an impressive waterfall!

Where: Bran area, Bucegi Mountains
Highlights: forest trails, jumping over small springs, waterfalls, photography options 
Itinerary and map: Bucharest – Bran area – Bucharest
Departure time: 6 – 7 am. Arrival time: approx. 8 pm
Available: June – September
Type of activity: hiking
The hike is rated as: medium – difficult
Starting altitude for the hike: 1100 m. Highest point of the day: 1800 m

,,My 11 year old son was thrilled after his first ever one day trip in the mountains. He’s normally lazy but after a trip that took one full day he came home so happy that he asked for the next one. We will definitely repeat the experience and we also registered for the one week camp. Thank you, Dan!”


Departure from Bucharest early in the morning. First, we will drive to Prahova Valley, passing through the beautiful mountain resorts; on the left and on the right you can admire Bucegi and Baiului Mountains.

A bit further more mountains pop up: Piatra Craiului and Iezer far in the back.
Eventually we will arrive in Bran area and then we will make a turn to our hiking spot. For the next hours you will enjoy hiking in Bucegi Mountains.

The hike starts on a forest road, having the river on the right side. As we continue the hike will go deeper in the forest. Soon we will have to jump on the wet rocks and practice our balance.

A bit further we will have to cross the river using the big logs that make the improvised bridge; it will be fun, no doubt.
The next challenge is the short uphill that will lead us to a breathtaking view. From the meadow you will have a great view with the western part of the mountains.

A few more springs to cross, some forest paths, and we get to a splendid waterfall. No rush here, just enjoy the scenery.
After a well deserved break we will descend back to where we started. And what better way to end a day than to have a meal at a nice restaurant before we get back to Bucharest?

After dinner we will call it a wrap and say Goodbye to the beautiful Bucegi Mountains!

End of program.

Prices: for groups of 2 – 3 (135 EUR/person); for groups of 4 – 6 (120 EUR/person). For singles the price is 250 EUR.


Services included in the package: transport by private car or minibus (depending on the group size), guide services.


Services not included in the package: meals and other personal expenses


*Important: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

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