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Overview – guided tour – Leisure and fun in Transylvania

If you are looking for a perfect family getaway, this is the perfect choice: a guided tour in Transylvania! We have included various activities like horse riding, easy hiking, visits in traditional mountain villages, for all tastes and ages!

Where: Transylvania
Highlights: Sibiu, Viscri, Sighisoara, Cund, countryside, horse riding, hiking
Available: May – November
Departure point: Bucharest
Recommended for: families, small groups
Customizable: yes

Detailed program – Leisure and fun in Transylvania

Day 1: Pick up from Bucharest and drive to Bratocea Pass, near Cheia village. Get ready for a 6 hour hike in one of the most beautiful areas in Ciucas Mountains, part of the Carpathians.
The hike includes spectacular views towards Brasov, Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului, the interesting rock formations in Ciucas called The pans, The Tower of Goliath, and much more.
But that is not all! We will climb on the highest peak, Ciucas (1954 m). The view from up there is simply breathtaking!
In the evening we will get back to Bratocea Pass and then drive to our accommodation.

Accommodation in Cheia village, at a guesthouse.

Day 2: Another great hiking day starts early in the morning, after breakfast. This time we will visit another scenic area of Ciucas, and go up on Gropsoare Peak (1883 m). The hike starts in Cheia, through the forest, and soon we will get to a large meadow.
We will rest and have a cup of tea and then head for one of the most beautiful peaks in the area, Gropsoare.
In the afternoon we will return to Cheia. We will then drive to Zarnesti town, near Brasov.

Accommodation near Zarnesti, at a guesthouse.

Day 3: In the morning we will go to a local guesthouse and do horse riding. This is a very good opportunity for the kids to get a taste of the local outdoor activities.
In the afternoon we will drive to a very scenic mountain village, Pestera, and have lunch at a traditional guesthouse. The polenta with cheese is phenomenal!
The day continues with some moderate hiking in the area, on the hills and through the forests.
In the evening we will return to Zarnesti, where we will sleep for the night.

Accommodation near Zarnesti, at a guesthouse.

Day 4: After a delicious breakfast we will drive to Brasov, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Transylvania. After a short city tour we will drive to Viscri, the village that Prince Charles is advocating for.
Did you know that His Majesty bought two houses in the area?

Accommodation in Viscri village, at a guesthouse.

Day 5: This day is dedicated to various family activities in Viscri: easy hiking, biking trip to the coal makers, brick makers etc. We can select the activities depending on the season and availability.
Another thing that is not to be missed in Viscri is the fortified church, part of the UNESCO heritage.

Accommodation in Viscri village, at a guesthouse.

Day 6: It is now time to say goodbye to Viscri and drive to Sighisoara, the best preserved medieval city in Romania. Among other things Sighisoara is famous for the beautiful clock tower, that goes back to the XIV th century, the Roman – Catholic church, and…the house where Vlad the Impaler was born.
We will enjoy a tour in the old part of the city and then have lunch at a nice restaurant nearby.
After the visit in Sighisoara we will drive to Cund, a very remote and scenic village in the heart of Transylvania.
Cund benefits from some beautiful landscapes.

Accommodation in Cund village, at a guesthouse.

Day 7: This is a leisure day in Cund . You can choose from different activities in/around the village: hiking, biking, horse riding, photography, truffle hunting (depending on the season and availability).

Accommodation in Cund village, at a guesthouse.

Day 8: We will start early in the morning from Cund and drive towards Sibiu, former capital of Transylvania and the cultural capital of Europe in 2007. Before we get to Sibiu we will drive and make stops in some beautiful saxon villages: Axente Sever and Valea Viilor (both are old traditional saxon villages, with scenic landscapes).
In Sibiu, we will take the time and visit the old part of the city, and see some of the highlights: The liar’s bridge, Brukenthal museum, The Council Tower, The small square, The big square etc.
In the evening we will drive to Sibiel, a scenic village outside Sibiu.

Accommodation in Sibiel village, at a guesthouse.

Day 9: How about some hiking today, in the beautiful Cindrel Mountains? From Sibiel we will drive towards Paltinis resort, and then start our hike. The trail goes through the quiet forest, where the children can stop, take pictures, and enjoy the fresh air.
But….before that, how about a trip back in time? It is still very common in Romania, in the countryside, to see the locals using the horse and carriage for their daily chores.
We thought we’d offer you a ride around the village, the way the locals do it. How does that sound?
Return to Sibiel in the evening. We cannot call it a day before we go and do some food and wine tasting at a local guesthouse. By the way, the owner is very proud of his distilery…

Accommodation in Sibiel village, at a guesthouse.

Day 10: This is the final day when we will get back to Bucharest, and drive on Olt Valley. On the way back we will make a stop at Cozia Monastery, one of the most beautiful in the area, built around the XIV th century.

End of program.

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