Just a rural day in Bran Castle area: guided tour

Overview of the guided tour – Just a rural day in Bran Castle area

Enjoy a beautiful day out on the rolling hills and experience the rural life! As traditional as it gets! We offer you a guided tour and a guided hiking tour in the Bran rural area and the Bran castle.


Where: Bran rural area and the Bran castle

Highlights: Bran rural area, landscapes, hiking, photography, Bran castle

Itinerary and map: Bucharest – Bran area – Bucharest

Departure time: 8 am. Arrival time: approx. 9 pm

Available: all year round. Special equipment is required in winter.

Type of activity: hiking, visits at cultural objectives, photography

The hike is rated as: easy – medium



Start your day with an early breakfast and a cup of coffee and then head out for a rural experience outside Bucharest!

Why rural experience? Imagine this: hiking in a quiet forest, coming out in a large meadow most likely full of flowers, with a breathtaking view just behind you: Bucegi mountains in all splendour.

Don’t stop there though. A gentle walk through the meadows and forests and soon you will see the houses on the hills, frozen in a bucolic landscape: sheep eating grass quietly, chickens running in the yard, dogs barking.

In the summer time the locals are out on the field, working hard, making haystacks, fixing things around the house. The smell of the fresh hay is a reminder of how simple and beautiful life in the countryside is.


The views are more and more ample as we get to the center of the village. We are still walking along the fences and the local’s houses, enjoying the strong mountain air. Now we can observe the beautiful long ridge of Piatra Craiului Mountains, on our left, just like a guardian. On the opposite side, the majestic Bucegi with their high peaks above 2000 m.

Starting to go downhill now and very soon we will get to the forest. But our rural experience is not over yet: a big meadow lies in front of us and the trail goes through some old houses and barns where people keep their animals (donkeys, cows, sheep).

Do not be surprised if at any point you will see a local, on a horse, roaming around and inspecting his small plot of land. Happens quite often.

The landscape is now completed by hay stacks and stunning views with the mountains.

We are slowly passing by the last barns and getting back to the village where we started our hike.


Next and last stop is the visit at the Bran castle, famous for the Dracula connection. The castle, built in Gothic style, stired Bram Stoker’s imagination and led to the writing of the novel….Dracula. The source of inspiration for the story was Transylvania and Vlad the Impaler.

After the visit at the castle we will return to Bucharest.


End of program.


,,I always wanted to do mountain hiking in winter, and so I started my web search, which I came across a blog that recommend Dan from Outdoor Activities, So I got in contact with him, and honestly I don’t regret my decision. What a friendly service.What a kind and helpful person Dan is. I asked for an amazing adventure filled with walks, hikes, food, and local culture and I got it all. I would like to thank you once again Dan and Laur; keep up the good work and see you soon for a longer stay :).“ 


Clifton, from Malta, about this tour.


Prices: for groups of 2 – 3 (115 EUR/person); for groups of 4 – 6 (98 EUR/person). For singles the price is 220 EUR.


Services included in the package: transport by private car or minibus (depending on the group size), guide services.


Services not included in the package: entrance fee at the castle, lunch, personal expenses.


*Special note: The program can be altered due to changes in the visiting hours at the castle and the weather conditions.

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