The magic of Ciucas Mountains: guided hiking tour

Overview – guided hiking tour in Ciucas Mountains

Close your eyes for a few minutes, lie back and imagine this: a carpet of leaves that makes curious sounds when you walk on it…strange shaped cliffs waiting to be photographed… special places from where you can see gorgeous landscapes of the mountains and hills around.
Don’t stop here, though. Move on. Add some relaxing hikes through the forest, narrow trails surrounded by small trees colored differently, and soon you will get in a fairy like scenery, at Ciucas hut. Now it’s time to enjoy a delicious dinner and share impressions with your teammates. Add a cup of hot mulled wine and a good night sleep.

The mountain is full of surprises. You’ve come a long way, have seen a lot and there’s still a lot to discover. The nature put on quite a show for you, shaping the landscape in so many ways. You’ll see the needles and sugar heads that everybody talks about, Babele la sfat (The Old ladies chatting), Tigaile (The Pans)…

Your journey in Ciucas Mountains ends with a relaxing hike back to Muntele Rosu (The Red Mountain) and then to Cheia village. You don’t want to miss the traditional fair with homemade products and fruits from the locals: cheese, honey, sausages… do you?

Now, the time has come to say goodbye to these beautiful mountains. We’ll share impressions and photos from our lovely weekend tour, and think of the great time spent together.

You can open your eyes now. How did you like the trip? If you want to be part of the real thing check out the detailed program below.

Where: Ciucas Mountains
Highlights: interesting rock formations, stunning views from Ciucas Peak, photography
The hikes are rated as: medium – difficult
Available: all year round. Special equipment is required in winter.
Type of activity: hiking, photography, local experiences

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Detailed program: guided hiking tour in Ciucas Mountains

Day 1: Early in the morning, we’ll drive through Valenii de Munte and get to our destination, Cheia village.
From here we have a first glimpse of today’s plan: Gropsoare – Zaganu ridge. Did you know that Ciucas is famous among other things for its round shaped cliffs called towers, sugar heads or needles? Don’t want to spoil the surprise, though, and reveal all the beauty and magic that you will see..

Today’s program includes hiking through quiet forests, lovely hills and lovely spots for taking pictures. The guide knows best!
Oh…but did we mention those special points on the ridge from where you can see Bucegi Mountains in all their splendour? Or, the famous sugar heads and needles that we will encounter while hiking? Oh well, you’ll’ll see…
In the afternoon we’ll reach the second highest point in Ciucas, Gropsoare Peak (1883m). It is a very nice place for panoramic views, perfect for a rest, a bit of chocolate and tea.
From there we have a 2 hour easy hike up to Ciucas hut (1595 m alt.). This will be our final point for the day: a hut in the middle of the mountains, rewarding views, good friends, and lastly…Ciucas beer! After all, we are in Ciucas, right? :-).

Accommodation at Ciucas hut.

Day 2: Think you’ve seen it all? Hmm, think again! Today’s highlights include the famous Babele la sfat (The Old ladies chatting), Tigaile (The Pans) and….free your mind and the rest will follow.
After a very nice photo session around Ciucas Peak (1954 m alt.) we’ll return to Ciucas hut, take our backpacks and then leave to Muntele Rosu (The Red Mountain). From there we’ll descend to Cheia village.
Still, we can’t leave the place without paying a visit to the traditional renowned array of traditional products such as fruits, cheese, honey, bacon and sausages. All these from local growers and producers. How does that sound?

End of program.

IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

Price upon request.

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