Travel ideas for spring in Romania

You want to travel to Romania in spring? Good idea! Spring in Romania means trees and flowers in bloom, the green grass of home, and outdoor activities.

We offer a multitude of beautiful activities, ideal for spring. Our tours can start from Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj and Timisoara. In this way, you can enjoy our tours in different parts of Romania. See all our tours here.

Spring in Transylvania

If you are a moderate hiker and you want to experience the countryside as well, check out this two day tour. The countryside near Bran area is absolutely gorgeous. This tour takes you deep into the rural life and also combines the cultural aspect. Transylvania is also famous for the fortified churches and castles, and medieval towns.

If you are a photography enthusiast, our guides can take you to the best spots. You will have the chance to see beautiful mountain ridges, people working on the farms, trees in bloom and lots of spring flowers.

If you are in search of a culinary tour, look no further. We partnered with locals and they can cook beautiful food for you, suitable for the spring season. This means a healthy breakfast, delicious soups, salad based recipes, and much more.

The South West of Romania

We recently did some wonderful tours in the South West of Romania, in May. We hiked in some isolated villages and we enjoyed some amazing sights. The nature had just turned green and so it was a feast for the eyes to see. You can enjoy a tour in the South West of Romania, and combine it with a tour in Timisoara. Check out our tour starting from Timisoara here.

If you are in the South West you can drive a little bit further and see a different landscape: gorges, waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails for families and not only. The waterfalls and rivers flow gracefully here.


Maramures, in the north of Romania, is also very beautiful in spring. In April, nature and people come back to life. The locals in the tiny villages start work on the farms. Also, the craftsmen start their beautiful work. Spring, and especially May, is the time for many interesting celebrations, like Tanjaua de pe Mara.

What you should not miss in Maramures is the church service. Make sure you are in Maramures on a Sunday morning because it is the best time to go to church. Spring means warmer weather and so the women will wear shorter skirts, beautiful and colourful blouses, and of course…high heels.


Bucovina is roughly a 3 hour drive from Maramures area, to the east. It is famous for the beautiful and old painted churches, forests and meadows, beautiful mountains and craftsmen. In spring, when everything is green and fresh, Bucovina puts on a great show. Make sure you visit Bucovina in mid or late April and May.

As for us, it will be our pleasure to show you around, all over Romania. Contact us for a custom tour here.

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