Traveling with kids in Romania

 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

Traveling with kids is one of the most important gifts you can make to your children. It does not matter if you make a trip to the forest next to your city or to a neighbourhood they have never been before or to a country overseas. Maybe they will not remember all the details they see or the museums they visit but for sure the connection between parents and children gets stronger during new experiences and new context. If you want to show your children untamed nature, countryside life and customs, mountain rivers where you can all go kayaking or rafting, forests where you can all go horse riding and many other activities, you should consider traveling to Romania with your family.

The countryside life in Romania

For most of the children raised in big cities, the simple things like cultivating your own food and growing animals are exotic experiences. In the countryside of Romania, you can experience the lifestyle people used to have and still have in some villages. Travelers are welcome to help with stacking the hay, to clean animals’ stables, to learn how to bake and cook the traditional food or make some pottery.

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 - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The untamed nature

Romania still has untamed mountains and hills, the Delta, rivers and lakes. For those who want to show their children how nature looks like, with no impact of the man, Romania is your destination. The kids can climb on wild rocky trails, follow animals traces, enjoy wild forests and glacial lakes. They can smell wild flowers and listen to bird species they have never seen before. Take a fisherman boat and go along Danube Delta’s channels and use your binoculars to see wild boars or huge pelicans.

The outdoor activities in Romania

In Romania you can book and enjoy so many outdoor activities for you and your family: hiking, kayaking, rafting, biking, you name it. For families with kids, a biking tour along the saxon villages in Transylvania is just great as the path is accesible, you get to see the countryside life, meet the locals, stop to visit the fortified churches and play with the local children. Contact us and let us know what are your preferences.

Hiking in Transylvania - Outdoor Activities in Romania

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