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Travelling in Romania in January 2021

Travelling in Romania in January? Why not?. As soon as the snow covers the ground, we think about outdoor activities. And there are plenty to do: hiking, snowshoeing, village wandering, cultural experiences, family tours. Here’s some ideas about what to do in Romania in winter:

The magical landscapes

The snow creates a magical landscape. You can see a white blanket covering the hills and the mountains, the haystacks that look like cakes, and the chimneys producing the  smoke from the burning wood.

One of the best places to start your tour in Romania, is Bucharest. To get to the mountains, in Transylvania, it is a 3 hour drive. Be ready to see splendid rolling hills and mountain tops, villages lost in time, and meet warmhearted people.

Some of the most beautiful mountains are in Transylvania: Piatra Craiului, Piatra Mare, Bucegi. These are some of the places where we offer private guided tours.

Low cost flights and less people on the mountain trails

In January there are less people travelling, since it is off season. That means you can find good flight rates and also less people on the trails. Our team will take you to those beautiful spots, more off the beaten path. There, you can enjoy the silence and beauty of nature, at its best :). Check out what other have to say about winter tours in Romania.

Winter tours for everybody

Are our winter tours for everybody? Of course, because we cater to individuals, couples, families, small groups. Whatever you want to do and see, we can arrange it for you. See more pictures from our tours on our Instagram page.




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