Useful information about Romania

If you are planning your first trip to Romania, you probably have many questions about this country. We have prepared for you useful information about Romania in order to make your planning easier. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions and if you want to book a private guided tour in Romania.

Is Romania in the European Union? Do I need a passport for Romania?

Romania is a member of European Union and the citizens of the EU member countries do not a visa. They can enter Romania with a valid passport or a National Identity Card.

Travelers from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland do not need an entry visa to enter Romania if the staying is shorter than 90 days but they do need a valid passport. Travelers from all other countries need a valid passport. The passport has to be valid for at least 90 days starting from the date of the departure from Romania. For stayings longer than 90 days visitors need to contact a local passport office in Romania or a Consulate of Romania, to obtain a visa.
For more official information about visas, Consulates and Embasies, go to this page:

What is the visa fee for Romania?

There is no Entry or Departure Tax.

Is my driver’s license available in Romania?

Travelers from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland and European Union can use their valid driver’s license to drive in Romania for 90 days starting from the day of the entrance. Driving licenses issued in other languages than English, French, German and the Nordic languages require a translation into one of these languages attached to the license. If the domestic driving license does not have a photo of the driver, photo identification is required in addition to the driving license.

How is the traffic in Romania? What are the traffic rules?

The big cities of Romania have a heavy traffic and Bucharest can sometimes have a very crowded traffic at rush hours.
In Romania, driving is on the right side. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory. Use of mobile phones while driving is against the law.  Drivers must yield to pedestrians at all marked pedestrian crosswalks.

Flights to Romania

Romania is very well connected with most of the major airports around the world. The main airports in Romania are in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Sibiu, Timisoara, Arad, Bacau, Craiova, Oradea, Targu Mures, Constanta. You can choose your connection from the airlines member of the Sky Team Alliance which offer excellent connections or the low cost airline companies that have many frequent flights.

What’s the currency in Romania

The currency of Romania is Romanian Leu (RON). The aproximate rate is 1€ =  4.6 RON and 1$ = 4 RON. The exchange offices in the cities have better rates then the banks, but it is not the case of the exchange offices in the airports where the exhange rate is not so convenient. You can also use you card at an ATM to get RON. There are plenty of exchange offices and ATMs in the cities (at every street corner) but not so many in the villages.

How is the weather in Romania

Like anywhere around the world, the climate is changing but officially there are 4 seasons un Romania: Spring (from March to May), Summer (from June to August), Autumn (from September to November) and Winter (from December to February). In the last years, the summer has been hotter and the winter has been shorter. However, up in the mountains there is plenty of snow for almost 6 months. Spring and Autumn are maybe the most beautiful seasons in Romania because of the flowers and colora, Summer is peak season for tourism and Winter is an attraction for those who like snoeshoeing, skiing, winter hiking and winter customs in the villages of Romania.

Average min and max temperatures in Bucharest, Romania

Accommodation in Romania

In Romania you can find all types of accommodation, from 5 stars hotels to guesthouses, hostels, chalets, bed&breakfast, campings, you name it. Our favorites are the guesthouses owned by local people where you can also enjoy their food and the welcoming vibe. Eitherway, when you book your private tour in Romania, do not hesitate to request the desired type of accommodation.

Transfer from the airport to the city

From most of the airports in Romania you can take a public bus to the city. Also, check the automatic machines in the ARRIVALS terminal to call a taxi or use the UBER app. Always check the taxi rate before getting in the car. The maximum rate is 3.5 RON/km but the usual rate is around 1.7 RON/km.

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