We offer snowshoeing tours in Romania upon request

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We offer snowshoeing tours upon request, in beautiful rural areas, on the hills, in the mountains, on lovely and quiet forest trails.
These tours are offered between December and March, whenever there is white…beautiful…snow!

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Winter is fantastic! For any snow lover, every chance to be out there, in the nature, and enjoy snow, is a pure blessing!

Winter means cold, fresh frozen air (brrrrr!), and beautiful white snow.
One activity that is more and more popular in winter is snowshoeing. And guess what? Unlike skiing, it does not require any special skills.
All you have to do is get a pair of snowshoes, which are light by the way, put them on and just go out there and enjoy the powder snow.
Romania offers some amazing opportunities for snowshoeing. Whether you’re talking about deep forests, rolling hills in Transylvania, Maramures, high mountains or low mountains, or basically anywhere else in Romania, one can enjoy this relaxing activity.

Winter in Romania starts in December and ends sometime in late March or even late April. So as long as there is snow….gear up, get your snowshoes and have fun!

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