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You want to visit Romania this year with a guide but you do not have a travel partner or you want to cut back on the costs? So, we have planned two shared guided tours in Romania (a hiking tour in Fagaras and a cultural tour in Bucovina and Maramures) and we have some good reasons for you to join them.

Shared guided tours are cheaper

Joining a shared tour in Romania means that you will share the costs for the services with the other group members. Therefore, the final cost for your trip will be smaller than for a private guided tour. This way, you can save for the next travel adventure.

Group of guests in Romania - Outdoor Activities in Romania

The group is small

Even if it is a shared tour in Romania, the group is not big at all. To clarify, we only organize small groups so we can make sure you will get a better and more authentic experience and feel like you are traveling with a group of friends. For example, the hiking shared tour in Fagaras is for 4-6 persons only and the shared tour for Bucovina and Maramures is for 4-6 persons also.

Guided tour Maramures - Outdoor Activities in Romania

You will make friends


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