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Why choose Outdoor Activities in Romania

There are plenty of reasons to visit Romania this year and plenty of reasons to book a private guide for your trip to Romania. But today we are talking about the reasons to choose us, Outdoor Activities in Romania, as your private guide.

We are experienced

Outdoor Activities in Romania is an experienced travel company. It is specialized in offering unique and unforgettable guided tours in Romania. We offer private tailor made tours all over Romania, guided hiking tours, cultural tours, photography tours and personalized tours to our guests, who want to explore the beautiful natural regions and traditional villages of Romania. We have been doing this for many years and we have guided hundreds of guests in Romania.

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We offer unique private tours in Romania with an active twist

We are not your ordinary tour agency because we offer special tours with a selection of unique places in Romania that you will not find anywhere else. We always include something very famous but traditional and authentic places, some outdoor activities, culinary experiences, photography spots. We also make tailor made tours considering our guests preferences.

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We offer off-the-beaten-track tours in Romania

Romania has a lot to offer to its tourists: big cities, authentic traditional villages, untamed nature, beautiful hills and mountains, caves, glaciers, the Danube delta, the seaside, great nightlife and great food. The most famous and visited places are Bucharest, Bran Castle, Sighisoara, Sibiu and some villages in Transylvania but there is much more to explore. Check out our private guided tours in Romania to find out more about it. Also, we have 5 recommendations of some off-the-beaten-track places in Romania you should visit soon.

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We know all the best places for photography

If you are passionate about photography, Romania is your place for this year. We make special tours for photographers, show them the best places at the right moment.

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We know all the traditional and great places for accommodation in Romania

We can offer a variety of places for accommodation, be it 5 star hotels in the cities or beautiful guesthouses (3 or 4 stars), in the villages, with character and a warm feel.

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We customise

Based on our local expertise, our team will come up with an itinerary that will be customized for you. We work upon request and offer private tours for individuals and small groups, up to 10 people. We can make arrangements for larger groups as well.

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Our guests loved us

Use the TripAdvisor widget on this page to note your opinions about the tours you have booked with us.

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