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Alba is a county in Romania, in the region on Transylvania, and its capital city is Alba Iulia. The most important thing about this place is that Alba Iulia was the first capital of the united lands of Walachia, Transylvania and Moldavia – Romania’s main historical regions. Also, Alba county is very rich in terms of tourist attractions because it is very diverse. A private guided tour in Romania focused on Alba county will offer you genuine traditional experiences and unforgetable memories. Here’s why!

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Alba Carolina Citadel

Alba Carolina fortress from Alba Iulia city is one of the most impressive in Romania and one of the most important in Europe. Alba Carolina citadel was built in the 18th century, dedicated to Emperor Charles VI of Habsburg. The impressive Vauban-style fortress – 1 km in diameter – is the largest in this part of Europe and was designed to be Transylvania’s main military hub.

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The Red Ravine

Râpa Roșie (The Red Ravine) in Alba county is a protected area, a geological reserve and a natural monument with unusual red bed features.

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Scarisoara Cave

Scărișoara Cave from Apuseni Mountains has the biggest underground glacier in Romania. It is considered one of the natural wonders of Romania.

Apuseni Mountains

Apuseni Natural Park is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Romania. Well known for the large number of interesting caves that attract thousands of tourists, the most imposing and splendid karst formations in Romania such as Cetatile Ponorului (Fortresses of Ponor) and the bucolic landscape with horses and haystacks, the whole area is a paradise for those who want both a relaxing and adventurous holiday. With a guided tour in Apuseni, one will find here gorges, waterfalls, impressive rock walls, water caves and ice caves, to name just a few of the wonders from Apuseni. No doubt, it is a place worth visiting!

Rimetea Village

Rimetea is considered the most beautiful village in Romania. It used to be a mining town and it is located in Alba county.

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